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Today I am delighted to introduce Lisa Rumbelow of Ribbons and Tulle.

She describes herself as a lover of  everything she does. She loves to always be making or creating something! New ideas come to her constantly, and she just has to go with her creative flow, whether it be wedding stationery or a sparkly t-shirt or her new line – Pinwheel bouquets.

When she is not creating or consulting with couples for their big day she has two passions – costa coffee and her 2 beautiful children.

Today we are going to focus on her amazing new range of Pinwheel bouquets, a very quirky but very attractive and eye catching alternative to flowers.

Lisa explains the background to her new line and shares some images from a recent Photoshoot,

“Right the pinwheel bouquets were born from a tweet!”

“@missbushbridal put a tweet out asking if anyone in the UK made them, as they wanted one for an event they were having. @Creatiques tweeted back and suggested they ask me.”

“I had never made one before so made up a quick pinwheel and sent a pic across to @missbushbridal to make sure I had understood what she wanted,  and she loved it.”

“So I got to work making them into an actual bouquet. The theme was ‘postcard from New York’ and she had requested yellows and greys for the bouquet. I really enjoyed making it so thought I would have a play around with different colours, sizes and embellishments and here is the result.”

pinwheel bouquet - ribbons and tulle - miss bush bridal - mrspandpblog

 “The blue Pinwheel bouquet was actually made as a request from the editor of You and Your Wedding magazine for a photoshoot they were having. I decided to make his one softer and more vintagey than the yellow and grey one as that was more a statement piece.”

“I added pearls, diamontes and buttons to the centre of the pinwheels, and texturised the paper giving it a doily/lacey kind of finish, wrapped the stems in pearls and lined the underneath with satin ribbon and diamonte pins and they loved it, this will be in the next issue of the magazine so that is very exciting.”

pinwheel bouquet - ribbons and tulle - you and your wedding - mrspandpblog

pinwheel bouquet - ribbons and tulle - mrspandpblog

“The pink Pinwheel Bouquet was made from me just playing around with different materials, and to create a different look.”

“Once again I used netting as a collar around the bouquet.”

pinwheel bouquet - ribbons and tulle - mrspandpblog

 “Obviously with the momentousness of the occasion I  couldnt not have a Jubilee inspired bouquet.”

“To make this one different again I used diamontes to wrap the stems, also rather fitting for the Diamond Jubilee!”

pinwheel bouquet - ribbons and tulle - mrspandpblog

pinwheel bouquet - ribbons and tulle - mrspandpblog

“And also as a  alternative idea for flowergirls, I created this pomander to hold.”

pinwheel pomander - ribbons and tulle - mrspandpblog

Thank you so much to Lisa for sharing her exceptional creativity. What a wonderful idea for the alternative bride or one that is sensitive to flowers.

The flexibility of design options makes the a wonderful choice and also the fact they will last forever.

To Contact Ribbons and Tulle.

Website: http://www.etsy.com/shop/RibbonandTulle

Email: lisa@ribbonsandtulle.co.uk

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ribbons-and-Tulle/247285105477

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ribbonsandtulle

Image Credits: 1st Image [Yellow Pinwheel] – http://JulietMckeePhotography.co.uk

All other images – http://www.aldanahphotography.co.uk


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    Wow! What a cool alternative to a conventional bouquet…. and you get to keep it forever 😀

    1. Reply

      They are incredible aren’t they. Quirky and stylish all at the same time. Pinwheels bouquets are the new cool x

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