Bridal party Jewellery for the important ladies in your life

Today I want to share some advice on choosing Bridal party Jewellery for the important ladies in your life .

At this special time in your life  you will want to say thank you in particular to those who have shared the planning experience with you, and who will stand with you on your Big Day as you take those vows.


White Gold and Ruby Pendant , QP Jewellers , bridal party jewellery



A wedding is an event that celebrates the love of two people and their families coming together.

A bride’s appearance is meticulously planned in the run up to the big day, with every single detail arranged months in advance down to the last gemstone.

But this can often mean that the other members of the bridal party that are so important to the workings of the wedding can often be pushed to one side. BUT NO MORE!


We sat down with QP Jewellers to hand pick some unique pieces of jewellery for the Mothers of the Bride and Groom, the Bridesmaids, the Maid of Honour and even the Flower girls, because on days such as these, no one should be left without a little sparkle!


Mothers of the Bride and Groom

For the mothers of both the Bride and the Groom we think it is essential that you be given a set of jewellery to complement your outfits.

I mean after all you did bring the two people getting married into this world!

So why not select the colour of your children’s birthstones or even your own and ensure that you have a memento of the day forever.


White Gold Belle Necklace with 1.50 Sapphire Pendant


white-gold-belle-necklace-with-1-50ct-sapphire-pendant, bridal party jewllery, mother of the bride, mother of the groom


White Gold Diamond and Sapphire Oval Desire ring


white-gold-diamond-and-sapphire-oval-desire-ring, bridal party jewellery , mother of the bride, mother of the groom


9 ct Gold Necklace with 9.30ct Emerald Pendant


gold-necklace-with-9-30ct-emerald-pendant, bridal party jewellery, mother of the bride, mother of the groom


Gold Diamond and Emerald tennis bracelet


gold-diamond-and-emerald-tennis-bracelet, bridal party jewellery, mother of the bride, mother of the groom


Gold 1.50 ct Emerald oval stud earrings


gold-1-50ct-emerald-oval-stud-earrings, bridal party jewellery



When looking at jewellery for your bridesmaids, you have to ensure that you choose something that fits well with the colour scheme of your wedding as well as ensuring that they don’t shine any brighter than the blushing bride!

Something understated yet elegant is the name of the game here and QP Jewllers have shown us a wonderful selection of bracelets that are the perfect accessory to any bridesmaid’s dress.

This really is the friendship bracelet taken to a whole new, and very special, level!


White Gold Aquamarine Blossom Bracelet


white-gold-20-70ct-aquamarine-blossom-bracelet, , bridal party jewellery


Gold and Ruby Infinite Tennis bracelet


QP Jewllers , gold-8-0ct-ruby-infinite-tennis-bracelet, bridesmaids, bridal party jewellery


Rose Gold Citrine bracelet



Maid of Honour

Now it’s the turn of the Maid of Honour!

This lady has most likely organised a spectacular hen-do, been there through thick and thin (even in the Bridezilla moments!) and will be taking pride of place next to you.

This is someone who needs something that no one else has, which is why we have hand-picked these dazzling earrings for them to sparkle next to you on the day.

If the colour doesn’t quite match, be sure to check out the other gem stones available in the same design.


White Gold Pearl and Sapphire Drop Stud Earrings


white-gold-diamond-pearl-and-sapphire-drop-stud-earrings, maid of honour, bridal party jewellery , QP Jewllers


White Gold 2.4 ct Emerald Heart Stud Earrings


white-gold-2-40ct-emerald-heart-stud-earrings, maid of honour, bridal party jewellery , QP Jewellers

Gold 1.2 ct Aquamarine Hoop Huggie Earrings


gold-1-20ct-aquamarine-hoop-huggie-earrings, maid of honour, QP Jewellers, bridal party jewellery


Flower girl

Last but not least we must remember the little ones, the flower girls.

It is these little beauties which make the guests smile as they decorate the room with little petals before the bride walks down the aisle.

As they might be too young to appreciate a finer piece of jewellery, we think this beautiful fabulously floral pendant fits the bill.


White Gold Flower Necklace with diamond and aquamarine


white-gold-flower-necklace-with-diamond-and-aquamarine-pendant, flowergirl, bridal-party-jewellery


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