Today is a bit of a personal post.

This weekend being away has made me focus on the Business, and my place in the Wedding Industry.

I have worked really hard  for the best part of 3 years to build Plans and Presents into something that is valuable to clients and is respected by my peers, and you can read all about my past in the Story of Me.

But being away has made me focus on even though I love coming down and meeting friends and such wonderful industry colleagues that I am here as a representative of Scotland.

Scotland is my heart, Scotland is my soul and our industry is amazing and I think I have finally found my niche in being that representative.

I have spoken before on Why you should get married in Scotland , and my recent and future work on the Big Fat Scottish Tweet Up will continue to highlight the best of Scottish Suppliers and all the best that this country can bring to Events.

However that doesn’t mean that the rest of the UK or International Bridal Industry is excluded. I am so fortunate to know so many talented people throughout the U.K and abroad and I love being able to have and share that knowledge and those fabulous connections, and  I will continue to enjoy doing so.

From an Event Planning point of view, Scotland will be my focus but as before won’t restrict myself to these shores, and love travelling further afield.

My focus for 2012 is to contunue to build Plans and Presents into a name to know.

I want to build on my reputation as someone that is helpful, someone that puts people first and someone that cares.

This means further hard work on my Blog, further hard work on making my Business stand out, further hard work on promoting our Industry [ Scottish and U.K] and it means standing up for me and what I represent.

2011 was a bit of a mixed bag, and I want to ensure that my mantra in 2012 is onwards and upwards, as UP is where I aim to be.

I sometimes feel that sometimes people still  don’t take me seriously, that I am not as exciting, that I am not as out there as some but basically love me or hate me I am ME.

My job as a planner is to be there, to do a good job , to make people feel safe. My job as a Blogger is to inspire , to educate and to share. I am not going to change who I am to fit in or be accepted more by the industry, that would  not reflect me.

My wish for this coming Year is to build on what I have achieved and use that as a stepping stone to bigger and better things.
At times things have not been easy but challenge is what makes you want things more and what drives you to keep going and I am nothing if not determined. I would really value your support along the way.


UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow


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    Good for you Alison. You have definitely got my support! 🙂

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    Good for you, Alison and well done.

    You’re completely right – all you can be is yourself and find your own way to do be a part of it all and you’re an inspiration to other Scottish Wedding Industry Professionals who are building businesses in a similar way to yourself.

    Thank you again, you’ve got my support 110%!

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    Great post Alison. Theres room for all kind of people and styles in this industry. The most important thing is that you connect with your clients and you do that because of who YOU ARE. Not because of what someone else thinks you should be. I’m new to this industry but I’m already sick of the back-biting that goes on. Lets all support eachother! xxx

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      Amen to that! Onwards and upwards Alison 🙂

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