Coming Home….

Whilst out celebrating nature in Derbyshire this week and taking in the lush green- ness, my mind drifted back to the rugged landscapes of home. It was really beautiful there and the quietness was wonderful but it wasn’t HOME !

Whilst its always wonderful to have a holiday, and escape the realities of life for a little while its always reassuring to come back to a place of belonging…..Scotland!

I will always exthol the marvellousness of my Mother land, its where I was born and where I grew up, and the welcome you will get in Scotland is like no where else on earth.

I have also been thinking about the passion I feel for Scotland and my wish to be an advocate for the Wedding Industry here, and I have spoken before about getting married in our beautiful land.

I am proud to be part of the wider U.K Wedding Industry and its so exciting to see new talents and wonderful creatives come through, but its also wonderful to meet, network and share local talent.

Scotland boasts an enviable Wedding Industry that deserves to be celebrated, and I feel honoured to both be a part of it, and to work alongside such special individuals.

As I have said in the past and like most Scottish people I am instilled with Scottish fighting spirit to shout about a country, and an industry that I believe in, and even though at times I feel I am on an uphill battle I will never give in.

That Scottish fighting Spirit is also instilled in one Andy Murray. He has done an amazing job being an advocate for Scotland at Wimbledon and I could not be more proud of his achievement, and I wish him so much luck for the final. I cannot wait to see all the wee Tartan hats and the Saltires waving on the Centre Court and I hope to be celebrating his very deserved win.

Celebration of our Industry will also happen with the advent of the 3rd Big Fat Scottish Tweet Up. I hope to be bringing out details really soon, and look forward to sharing with old and new friends and having a really good night.

I love sharing stories about Scottish Wedding folks , and fabulous Scottish Weddings as well as those of the wider U.K, so I encourage you to come back to my wee Wedding Blog once in a while  for some ideas, news and advice and I look forward to sharing much more wonderful Scottish Inspiration for many years to come.



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