The Commonwealth Games – A Wedding Analogy

At this moment I am proud of my city and how amazing the Commonwealth Games has been for Glasgow, and it led me to draw comparisons with the Wedding Industry.

Much like a team of Athletes, essentially the Wedding suppliers job is about pulling everything together to ensure a couple’s day is perfect.

Like being part of the Commonwealth Games, a Wedding is an incredible priviledge to be part of something really momentous.




A couple [usually] only does this once so its a once in a lifetime opportunity to take part in their little bit of history.

The Wedding Supplier performs individually, and as part of a greater team to ensure that the day is a real winner.


Thats what the Wedding Industry is all about…..teamwork, innovation and dogged perseverence to see the job done, and each person involved is special.

The Wedding Industry, like many industries these days is tough with its incredible highs and its deflating lows, and again much like the challenges an athlete faces it can feel like a race with many hurdles.


I read a story of a swimmer who had faced many challenges in the last few years but her words, monumental effort and enduring spirit to get through anything touched me..

She said that “Everything happens for a reason and I am just really enjoying my swimming right now.”

“I have been rock-bottom, but it’s great to be back enjoying life again and have my passion back for life and swimming.”


This can be applied to both our personal and work lives in that stuff happens, but its how you deal with it that matters.

Its important that we always enjoy what we do as that way we can give our very best to the couples we hope to help.

A positive outlook, though incredibly difficult sometimes can really help to spur you on, and our Home Nations are forward facing and focused on the win.

Life is not always about the winning,  but much though an accolade is good for our Businesses and our spirits, it most definetely is the taking part that counts.

A Wedding, or indeed any Event we are involved in, when brought together with precision is like taking the Gold.


Image Credit: Wedding Race


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