Faith – A Personal Post

Its funny sometimes the things that inspire you. This morning it was a children’s song sung in Church “Faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains” and this got me to thinking.

It made me firstly think what faith actually is… It can mean complete trust, confidence or having a strong belief.

And this brought me to think of how faith affects me.

Something I struggle with sometimes is faith in myself. I know that I can do a good job, and I know that I give everything I have but there is always that seed
of doubt that that is just not enough. I know that life can be a battle, and we face challenges but its how we face them that makes the difference.

Through a recent life coaching seminar I have learned that we need to feel what is challenging us, we need to process it , we need to learn from it and then we
need to let it go.

I have spent a lot of time questioning myself, and wondering if I will reach the top of that mountain but I realise that the climb I have already made has been momentous, and any time I spend on being unhappy is robbing me of the happiness I could have had and who wants that.

I used the analogy of the hare and the tortoise a while ago, and its so true that slow and steady wins the race.

Faith in God is something that is very special to me. I know that its not everyone’s choice and its a very personal decision but I know I would have crumbled on many occasions without this to lean on.

Its hard to see the light when things are difficult but God never brings you to something that you can’t handle.

Though at times I have been why me, and why can’t things be easier, I know I am very fortunate in my life, and I am very grateful for that.

This song by the late Whitney Houston sums up faith and a cry for help all in one melody and I could listen to it all day.


Lastly I want to look at my faith in others.

I went into the Wedding Industry wanting to see the good in everyone, as I do with people in general life.

I have found that sometimes that that trust is misplaced and people see your trust as weakness and take advantage.
I don’t want that to taint my belief in human nature as there are some incredible people in the Industry who have added enormous value to my life just by being the wonderful individuals they are.

To sum up, I have faith in progress, I have faith in taking further steps up that mountain, I have faith and belief that I can make a difference.
I may be tiny like that mustard seed but they say great things come in small packages.


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    Thought provoking – thank you x

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    Life is full of highs and lows,it’s how we handle them that gives us strength to carry on, we never stop learning from experiences. Loved your blog x

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