Family….The Woman that is me….and my people!

For those that don’t I would just like to share a little look behind the woman that is me, and the people that make me what I am….my family.

I feel its important to know the face behind a Brand, what drives them, how they tick.

For me it helps me connect to others as I am a real people person, and I hope it gives you a better insight into my world.


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My Family are what help shape me without completely defining me.

I am Ali, I am a mum, I am a wife, and I am a Businesswoman.

I don’t think that being one should make me any less of another.

My family spur me on, they value me, they encourage me, and are the main reason I strive to be a success.

My business gives me worth as a person, it is something I am extremely passionate about, but on the other hand my family is everything.

What is success worth if you have no one to share it with.


So today I introduce my little family…


Neill is my husband and he works in IT.

He is my soulmate and I love him with all my heart, even though he watches documentaries and he snores, and he thinks he is always right.


Kathryn is nearly 9, she loves science and history and she loves to read, and she absolutely abhors shopping.

She likes running about and creating mayhem, and she likes the computer but most of all she likes to talk back and be the boss of everything and everyone!


Leo is 6, and he is a Whirlwind.

He has a smile that can melt an Iceburg, and he is as cheeky as they come.

His world revolves around Angry Birds, Thomas the Tank Engine, Star Wars and Lego, and unlike his sister he loves shopping!


As for me, I am just me, I like to help, I like to talk.

Working with people to create their dream day is what I do and it gives me great joy, even though I can only do that on an advisory level due to my health now.

Inspiring and informing through my Blog and social media allows me to still commit to an Industry I love, and I do admit to being a teeny weeny bit of a Twitterholic.

I love movies but never get enough time to watch them anymore, usually because my TV is taken over by Nick Jr.

I like to walk as it helps me think.

Snuggled in a scarf and gloves whilst walking through autumn leaves is incredibly relaxing and fuels my yearning for a life in the country.

I love to travel and I love to explore, and I used to be quite an adventurer in my younger days.

I used to draw quite a lot as it relaxed me and was pretty good, gaining Higher Art but this again is something I have little time for but in the future would love to get back to.

I yearn to build something bigger and I trawl property websites trying to find the perfect place for my perfect countryside existence and the perfect Wedding venue [hopeful Lottery funded dreams].


MrsPandP, family, personal post, Image by Alison Tinlin


But back to the reason behind my mutterings today….

My little monsters might make you compete for earspace on the telephone but they are what make me a more rounded, compassionate, patient person.

There are those of the view that being a Mother makes you not as focused on Business, but I believe that it makes you even more so as personally I feel there is much more at stake.

I believe in this Industry the skills of Motherhood have made me much more able to handle anything thrown at me, and that gives me great problem solving, negotiation and diplomatic skills that transcend to Business.

Being a working mum is never easy, as many of my Industry colleagues and other parents across the land will stick their hands up in th air to agree, and balance is hard.

I always worry that I am being a rubbish wife or a rubbish parent but you have to do the best you can, and be the best you can.


MrsPandP, family, personal post, Image by Alison Tinlin


Life over the last year has taken so many twists and turns but you just have to roll with it, and get through it to the other side.

Family over everything are most important but are what make me want better things.

So I will keep pushing, keep striving, keep believing.

I read a wee quote recently that said “She dreamed she could, so she did”

So I will keep a hold of my dreams, and especially those that share that dream with me.


UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow


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    Wonderful post, beautiful family. Thank you for sharing,
    A fellow business mum x

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