Feeling Lost, and regaining Direction & the Art of Being Me

Over the last  few months I have been feeling a bit lost, and without direction.

Call it tiredness, call it being much too busy, call it having no time for myself, call it poor health.

Added all together it made me question myself and be a little discontent.


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Life is a series of swings and roundabouts and we have to take the bad with the good.

I have spoken before about What I am and What I am not, and those words have resonated a lot recently.

But two seperate things have snapped me back to focus from the overwhelming mist that had descended.


Three or four simple words may at first seem small and insignificant but they can have huge meaning in the bigger picture of life.

Firstly it was a phrase in a newspaper, and then the poem of a dear friend.


The Phrase was Percieve, Believe, Achieve….

Percieve – I percieve myself as hard working, diligent and helpful. This has seen me through such a lot in the last few years, and I trust that any recent challenges will make me a stronger.

Believe – I need to renew a little bit of confidence in me, I believe I make a valuable contribution and I have to have the faith that people can see that.

Achieve – I know that I am capable of anything, and I know blessings and achievements will come with continued hard work.


The second few words were Be your personal Best

“You might not be invincible,

Or be a Movie Star

But be an individual,

Be proud of who you are,

There’ll never be another you,

You shine amongst the rest,

Enjoy everything you choose to do,

And be your Personal best….”


These words have great meaning to me as sometimes I struggle with the feeling that the real ME is not quite good enough for some and in particular the Wedding Industry.

I know that I always give my personal best, and that being ME has made a difference to many people so far and thats what I need to hold on to when everything seems a bit unclear.

My job as a Blogger is to inspire , to educate and to share. I am not going to change who I am to fit in or be accepted more by the industry, that would not reflect me.

My wish for this coming year is to build on what I have achieved and use that as a stepping stone to bigger and better things.

At times things have not been easy but challenge is what makes you want things more and what drives you to keep going and I am nothing if not determined. I would really value your support along the way.


So as we march into a brand new year NOW is the time to have Faith, find Clarity and regain direction.

I know that I may never set the Wedding Industry on fire, but if I can make a difference to some lives then that is far more important.


Its time to Master the Art of Being ME!


Poem Credit – I Want a Poem

Image Credit – Mastering the Art of Being Me


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