Fizz, Flavours and Your Big Day: Choosing Sparkling Wine for a Wedding

You’re planning your big day. You’ve sorted the flowers, chosen the perfect dress and booked the venue. All that remains is to choose a sparkling wine for the toast.

Now for some choosing the right tipple is as important as the food, and there are several varieties to choose from.


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The following guide should help you to pick the perfect pairing for your Wedding breakfast.



If you like your fizz to be sweet and fruity, you should consider Prosecco for the big day.

Although it’s much cheaper than Champagne, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice on quality.

Produced in Italy, Prosecco is available at varying price levels to suit all budgets.

This kind of sparkling wine is particularly versatile; it’s wonderful in a cocktail, and can be easily paired with a variety of appetizers, including fish and cheese.

One of the best things about having Prosecco on your big day is of course the price, meaning you and your guests can sip away on bubbles to your heart’s content, without having to worry about the price tag!


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Spanish in heritage, Cava is a sparkling wine which features a dry finish and is quite floral on the nose.

Like Prosecco, this wine is usually considered a lower quality version of Champagne, but it doesn’t have to be this way!

Cava is robust and works well with many types of food, thanks to its depth of flavour and character.

It matches well with oily dishes; the high acidity of the wine cuts through rich food, creating a pleasant pairing of acidities on the palate.

If you’re looking to try this sparkling wine without putting a major hole in your budget, you can find great deals by the case online, from places like Tesco.


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Considered the king of all the sparkling wines, Champagne is the perfect accompaniment to any special occasion.

Available in a variety of styles, it’s important to know what you like before purchasing.

Blanc de Noirs are normally fruitier and fresher, while Blanc de Blanc will feature the dry, creamy and buttery notes that the majority of people associate with Champagne.

In terms of pairing, Blanc de Noir goes well with fish, while Blanc de Blancs can complement stronger cheeses.

As with all sparkling wines, it’s a good idea to purchase Champagne by the case, to ensure you get the best deal.


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Hopefully this guide has helped you to decide, but you should do your own research before you make the big purchase.

Some wine retailers should be able to organise a tasting session, which can give you the best insight into the type of fizz you want to buy for your special day.


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