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Good Morning, and welcome to Mrs P and P’s Sunday Morning Cuppa Wedding Blog Catch up.

Today I want to look back and re – visit the fabulousness that has adorned the pages of the Wedding Blog this week.


MrsPandPs Sunday Morning Cuppa, Wedding Blog, Blog Catch Up


On Monday I was thrilled to spotlight on the beautiful bespoke Silk Flowers of Brides2Bouquets.

The brand is based in East Kilbride near Glasgow.

Brides choose silk flowers for their bridal bouquets for different reasons.

They can receive them well in advance of their wedding and unlike fresh flowers have them to keep.

Also they are perfect for those that suffer from allergies so they have an alternative to fresh flowers.


MrsPandPs Sunday Morning Cuppa, Wedding Blog, Blog Catch Up, bride2bouquets, silk flowers, artificial flowers


Beautiful bespoke Silk Flowers from Brides2Bouquets


On Tuesday I was delighted to spotlight on getting married in Florida and a destination Brides experience.

The Bride is Karen O Neil and her husband is David, and they were wed at the Hard Rock Cafe Orlando on the 8th of July 2015.

I have known Karen as my hairdresser and my friend for more years than both of us would care to admit (we aren’t old honest!) and have gone through some major life experiences at the same time (having our boys 3 days apart).

I was thrilled to be in Florida at the same time as Karen and actually see her on her Wedding Day.

She rocked her beautiful red bridal gown and amazing leopard print shoes ~ the epitomy of the alternative Bride.


MrsPandPs Sunday Morning Cuppa , Wedding Blog, Blog Catch Up, Getting-married-in-Florida, hard rock cafe orlando, JRs Hair Cardonald Glasgow, alternative bride, red wedding dress


Getting Married in Florida – A Destination Brides Experience


On Wednesday I was excited to share the exquisite luxury Silk Wedding Dresses of Nina Rose Bridal.

This blossoming and exciting new Brand is based n London.

Nina Rose is a luxury silk wedding dress designer, specialising in gowns inspired by minimalism.

Her dresses themselves aren’t minimalist aesthetically, the construction is.

What she chooses to interpret from minimalism and translate into dressmaking is reductivism, which, essentially is reducing the components of a product, to end up with the least complicated outcome.

Anti-figurative forms also play a huge part in her inspiration. Essentially taking away from clothing, the idea of figure in terms of the human form.

She applies this to her belief that although women’s figures can play a huge part in their beauty, it doesn’t necessarily have to define it.

Therefore she likes to play with silhouettes, and include a vast variation that might not be considered typically bridal, as you can see throughout the 2016 collection.

All this achieves her goals of ultimate comfort and quality fit, with the dresses still looking enviably chic.


MrsPandPs Sunday Morning Cuppa, Wedding Blog , Blog Catch Up, nina rose bridal, amelia allen photo, silk wedding dresses


Luxury Silk Wedding Dresses from Nina Rose Bridal ~ 2016 Collection


On Thursday morning I was thrilled to spotlight on the contemporary luxurious headpieces and bridal accessories of Fifth & Spring.

The Brand creates special occasion and bridal designs combining soft brass and silk flowers along with pastel and sparkling crystals.


Martha-Golden-Summer-flower-Halo-Fifth-and-Spring, MrsPandPs Sunday Morning Cuppa, Wedding Blog, Blog Catch Up, contemporary luxurious headpieces


Contemporary luxurious headpieces and bridal accessories by Fifth & Spring


On Thursday afternoon I thrilled to introduce  Nicki MacFarlane, designer of incredible bridesmaid dresses and special occasion outfits as a brand new sponsor on the Plans and Presents Blog.

Nicki creates bespoke designs for all special occasions from Bridesmaid dresses, to flower girl dresses, pageboy outfits, Christening dresses, Bat Mitzvah, Eid and First Holy Communion outfits.

As well as other special occasion wear for parties and events.

All her dresses are handmade in England from the most exquisite, finest quality fabrics and embellishments.

Unique style features are all part of what makes Nicki’s designs so special.


nicki macfarlane, flowergirl dresses, bridesmaid dresses, pageboy outfits, amelia_dress_in_blossom_from_£385, MrsPandPs Sunday Morning Cuppa, Wedding Blog, blog Catch Up


Bespoke Bridesmaid Dresses & Special Occasion outfits from Nicki MacFarlane


On Friday I was thrilled to share The Creative Day, a wonderful collaborative styled shoot with no set brief providing beautiful eclectic Wedding Inspiration.

Sometimes we focus so much on the perfect look, the colour, the matchy matchy of it all.

Being open minded and just letting what you love shine through without convention can be very freeing.

This shoot gives you lots of ideas with a little bit of a focus on rustic glamour.

Images were captured by Darima Frampton Photography and the shoot co-ordinated by Exquisitely You Weddings & Events and a host of incredible Dorset Wedding suppliers.


MrsPandPs Sunday Morning Cuppa, Wedding Blog, Blog Catch Up, eclectic wedding shoot, eclectic wedding inspiration, Darima Frampton Photography, Exquisitely You wedding panning


The Creative Day – Beautiful Eclectic Wedding Inspiration


I hope you savoured your Cuppa, and this round up of the Week on the Wedding Blog Catch Up .

I look forward to sharing many more lazy Sunday Mornings with you.


Love MrsPandP x


UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow

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