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Good Morning, and welcome to MrsPandP’s Sunday Cuppa Wedding Blog Catch Up.

Today I want to re – visit the fabulousness that has adorned the pages of the Blog this week.




On Monday we kicked off the week with some sun.

With the arrival of that big yellow ball in the sky comes welcome warmth and some inspiration for  a Sunflower Wedding Theme.

Yellow is a colour that is refreshing and uplifting.

It reminds us of sunshine and for most of us that lifts the spirits, and brings a little warmth to our hearts.

Sunflowers are a beautiful, bold vibrant flower that make a bit of a statement and can be used to amazing effect in a Big Day.

Sunflowers are associated with pride, sunshine and devotion, and also longetivity and thats always a pretty good combination to bring to a marriage.

Sunflower Wedding Moodboard and Styling Ideas


PicMonkey Collagesunflowers


On Tuesday I was excited to share the work of Peaches and Queen who create unique quirky,and vintage inspired wedding stationery. They are based in Durham UK and love nothing more than a package tied together with lace or beautiful ribbon.

In a world sometimes obsessed by the spangly, new and modern, things of a retro age and fashion are comforting, and have a somewhat inviting allure.

Peaches and Queen Wedding Stationery




On Wednesday I shared a very British Wedding.

When you take a handsome soldier, a gorgeous girl, throw in a red, white and blue colour theme, then what you have is the very British Wedding of Tristan and Fiona.

Images of the day were captured beautifully by White Gold Images.

Add in a vintage VW Campervan, gorgeous sunshine, miles of bunting and wrap it all up in a family full of love and laughter then what you have is a Celebration that will be remembered for many years to come.

A Very British Wedding




On Thursday it was a double header kind of day with 2 features.

Earlier in the day I was  delighted to spotlight on First Blush Flowers, a new, young and vibrant floral design business based in Lanarkshire.

The company is run by Dawn McGhee, a florist of considerable experience and expertise, gained whilst working with some of the top florists in the country and now independantly she creates gorgeous flowers for weddings and events.

First Blush Flowers Spotlight




That afternoon I was thrilled to share Dawn’s very own September Wedding with a feature on the lovely Glasgow Wedding of herself and Michael captured beautifully by Christopher Currie Photography, and shot at the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow.

Dawn’s Glasgow Wedding




On Friday was very excited to welcome Beautiful Moment back to the Blog  with a new contemporary approach to remembering your Big day with a bespoke Wedding Artwork.

Claire also creates these stunning artworks on footwear, and I have shared previously about her Hand Painted shoes.

These wedding portraits are truly breathtaking, and what a beautiful reminder of such a special day.
Such emotion is captured in the strokes and swirling colour and these wedding artworks are just exquisite. 
claire bride portrait
On Saturday I was delighted to share some inspiration for a Ladybird party, and consider some styling ideas for a special little one’s Birthday.

A palette of red and black  can be subtly or more prominently used to set the tone on your little ones special day and then you can go spotty mad.

Lady Bug Love – Ladybird Party Moodboard And Styling Ideas  


PicMonkey Collage LadyBug


Its been a bit of a traumatic week in the world with the Boston Marathon bombings and we continue to think of those killed or injured and their wider family and friends.

We also think of those affected by the explosion in Texas, with such loss of life and devestation.

I pray for our world that it would be a safer place for our children, it feels like scary times just now.


I hope you savoured your Cuppa, and this round up of the Week on the Sunday Cuppa (Wedding Blog Catch Up).

I  look forward to sharing many more lazy Sunday Mornings with you.


Love MrsPandP x


UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow

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