MrsPandP’s Sunday Morning Cuppa (Wedding Blog Catch Up)

Good Morning, and welcome to MrsPandP’s Sunday Cuppa Wedding Blog Catch Up.

Today I want to re – visit the fabulousness that has adorned the pages of the Blog this week.



To kick off the week I was excited to share a Snowy Spring Wedding captured by Chantal Lachance Gibson  at the stunning Mar Hall.

It was really quite amusing to see the spring daffodils of March poking through pockets of snow, though probably not so much when you are amidst the freezing temperatures.


Fae + Paul (474)


Winter Chills and Daffodils ! – Snowy Spring Wedding – Images by Chantal Lachance Gibson


On Tuesday I was thrilled to share a beautiful Fuschia Pink Wedding with Vintage Elements captured by the lovely Holly Deacon Design.

The story of this couple really resonated with me as I met MrPandP on 11 years ago, and I believe that while internet dating is not for everyone you can still be lucky enough to meet the one.


A Match Made in Heaven – Fuschia Pink Wedding with Vintage Elements – Images by Holly Deacon Photography


On Wednesday Morning I was delighted to share Collection 8 , a beautiful new selection of limited edition evening gowns from leading High Street brand Phase Eight inspired by the Glamour of the 1920′s but with a fresh, contemporary twist.

These on – trend gowns are perfect for stylish Bridesmaids wanting to rock the Gatsbyesque style.




Phase Eight – Collection 8 – Bridesmaids Gatsby Style


On Wednesday afternoon I was thrilled to share an innovative product,  The Angels Share Whisky Angel which I think is an incredible and memorable Wedding Favour to give to your Guests.

These wee bottles of loveliness are totally Scottishtastic and filled with our fair lands national drink and are something really quite special to behold.




The Angels Share Whisky Angel – Creative, Innovative Wedding Favours


On Thursday afternoon I wanted to consider some styling and decor ideas for a Rainbow Wedding Theme, and shared a Moodboard, some ideas and my favourite Rainbow inspired products to help you stage your Event.


PicMonkey Rainbow Collage


Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Rainbow Wedding Theme


On Friday I was delighted to share a gorgeous new wee Product by Black Ribbon Designs.

Her beautiful Wedding Hangers will ensure that Wedding Gowns, Bridesmaids Gowns or Suits will hang stylishly and securely, and you will have something  that will also be a special reminder of your Big Day once it has passed.
On Saturday I shared a wee bit of a Personal post. Its a question I constantly get asked, what do you think is your Niche?

Well, my answer is simple, I won’t stick myself in a box.

I try to explain that being me, and what I am for my Business and Blog doesn’t have to be classified, it doesn’t need a tick box.


boxed in

Why I won’t stick myself in a Box.


I hope you savoured your Cuppa, and this round up of the Week on the Sunday Cuppa (Wedding Blog Catch Up).

I  look forward to sharing many more lazy Sunday Mornings with you.


Love MrsPandP x


UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow

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