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Good Morning, and welcome to MrsPandPs Sunday Morning Cuppa Wedding Blog Catch up.

Today I want to share a whole load of pretty as we look back on the fabulous features of this past week…


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On Monday I was thrilled to share the modern, feminine and contemporary bridal gowns from UK Designer Elizabeth Stuart and showcase her stunning 2016 Collection.

Elizabeth steps outside of the box of ordinary bridal designs presenting a creative vision where future meets fairytale and falls in love.

Her breathtaking romantic designs place full emphasis on the beauty of the female body, and are something special for the sophisticated contemporary bride to be.

For the Elizabeth Stuart 2016 collection, brides will find the personification of a woman’s inner strength and individuality juxtaposed to her grace and sensuality.

Unique to only women….being able to hold such power, while possessing the ability to bring a soft light to a moment in time that lasts forever in the hearts and minds of those that cannot help but love them.

Images were captured by Jessica Withey Photography with a fabulous collaborative team.


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Strength & Sensuality – Contemporary Bridal Gowns from Elizabeth Stuart – 2016 Collection


On Tuesday I was delighted to showcase the lovely work of Jim Cadogan , the Wedding Illustrator who transforms wedding photos into realistic illustrative portraits.

As well as creating wedding day memories he also illustrates for pre-Wedding gifts, invitation illustration, Venue illustration and Thankyou cards.