Personal Post – What I am, and what I’m not

I first started the Plans and Presents  Blog  as just a record of what I was doing, and sharing some personal post of my first footsteps into a new Career.

Since then it has evolved into something very different with wedding advice, supplier features, real weddings and lots more.

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What I know I am NOT however is a natural writer.

I sometimes look at the words in front of me and wonder if anyone will read them.

I constantly worry that I am not as well spoken as others, I know for definite I do not have a confident writing style and I often wish things would flow easier.

From my first tenative meanderings with Blogger to the format of this Blog I know I have taken steps forward but I am constantly striving to do better.

I sometimes feel too that because of these shortcomings I don’t get taken seriously which to be honest hurts quite a lot.

I constantly get passed over for bigger blogs, and I understand this is a Business decision as you want to get as much exposure as possible but it still bites.

I am a strong person but I still have feelings…..

What I AM however is passionate.

The Wedding and Events Industry inspires me.

I am privileged every day to spend time with and find out about so many outstanding and amazing people.

Sometimes I just sit in awe of what I see, and that awe and wonderment pushes me forward in learning more and more.

I believe every day should be used as a learning experience and to grow this is really important.

Helping is in my blood, and the indescribable feeling of exhiliration you get from the knowledge you have that you assisted in making something special happen is immense.

AM also primarily and before everything else a wife and a mother. Family is EVERYTHING.

They are your support , they are what drive you on, they are what makes you stay up  till 2am finishing stuff so that you can strive to be the success you know you can be.

All things considered, this limits my time. I want this Blog to be amazing, I want it to be bigger but I can only do so much. (if I want any sleep that is)

However, whatever I am, or whatever I am not, I still love this Blog, I love supporting my sponsors, I love featuring new and up and coming businesses, I love featuring beautiful things and gorgeous shoots and I love being able to share a little about me as a person.

This BLOG however is only successful because of YOU.

I need your support to make it grow.

I need to feature your Businesses, your weddings, your work, or if you have thoughts of what would make it better I need to know that too.

A Blog’s success is down to its content as well as the person behind it so I would encourage you to say hi so you can play a part.

Thank you for indulging me with this personal post today.

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