Plans and Presents Resolutions and Goals for 2014…

Looking on to 2014 we always think of how we can improve ourselves or our lives and making resolutions come hand and hand whilst celebrating a brand new year.


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My resolutions for the year are two fold…


Firstly from a Personal view :-


Look after myself – This has been a long time coming and over the last year I have been forced to look at myself and my health after several issues with my health.

So taking time for myself to have that long bath, use the foot spa  and use a face pack and actually have more sleep will be made a priority.

I also aim to lose another 2 stone.

So far and since the summer I have lost nearly a stone and a half and I feel so much better for it but I need to keep up the good work and maintain the loss I have made already.


Have more family time – Following my trip last year I cut back, and haven’t blogged at weekends.

Whilst I intend to restart the Sunday Morning Cuppa review of the week, all work will be be done during the working week as keeping that special time for us as a family is so important after the hustle and bustle of school and work.


Read more – I used to love to read but nowdays the most I get to read is a quick view of the newspaper, or a trashy magazine whilst taking the kids to softplay.

I really want to sit down with a novel, an autobiography and just savour a book like I used to be able to do.


Travel – Plans are afoot for our 2014 English adventure. I look forward to hopefully seeing some of the English countryside and taking in some of the U.K’s best theme parks.

After our Sydney experience last year it will take some beating and we hope to go back but its saving the pennies in the jar time.


Take more Pictures – On  our holiday I took over 1000 images and those memories will stay with me forever, in print and in my soul.

I need to make it my mission to just stop and celebrate a moment by capturing it. Life goes by so quickly and its lovely to have visual of an amazing time.


Secondly from a Business view:-


Grow Brand P and P – The PandP Brand has grown in 2013 and I want to continue and build on that in 2014.

Setbacks in my health forced me to change from full planning to  consultancy  in 2013 so I want to promote that service to those wishing someone to deal with the administrative side of their Wedding.

I also want to grow the Blog into the go to place for inspiration and advice.

I have been so honoured to share the work of some exciting brands in the last year, as well as some incredible photography and creative ideas, and my Sponsor Family has grown.

Streamlining and improvements are needed but that will be 2014’s work in progress.


Celebrate Small Achievements – It may not be a shiny award that I can put on my mantle piece or a winners badge I can put on my site but I have been blessed to be chosen as a Judge in the Wedding Ideas Awards for the 2nd time, as well as being chosen to be a Judge for the forthcoming Bridal Buyer Awards 2014.

Another major achievement is continuing to top the UK Wedding Tweeters List (98 weeks at time of writing).

I intend to continue to celebrate my small victories as being respected and chosen for important jobs is so special.

Also being able to network, and help through the medium of Twitter ( even by being a chatterbox) is something I so enjoy.


Be more Bold – I don’t like the word No ( much like anybody I expect) or the maybe’s or the if only’s so a lot of the time I don’t ask.

This year I will be taking the attitude of if you don’t ask you don’t get, and very much going for what I want.

This is a year for pushing boundaries and challenging myself.


Bring back the Tweetup – Going on from the personal health issues the Big Fat Scottish Tweet Up took a back seat last year.

I really hope to bring the Event back for 2014 with brand new and incredible Scottish Suppliers and a shiny new Glasgow Venue.


So that is just a wee round up of my goals  and resolutions for the year which I can make a real go of achieving…wish me luck!



UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow


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    Good luck Alison! I love your adventuring goal… me and my guy are hoping to explore the UK a lot more as well. There’s so much to see! Enjoy. Oh, and if you’re ever in the Lake District come and say hello won’t you? Claire x

    1. Reply

      Thanks gorgeous. I surely will. Hope to possibly be down later in the year and it would be lovely to meet you x

      1. Reply

        It’s a date! That will be lovely 🙂
        C xx

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