A Poetic reason why Vintage will always be cool !

Much is said about trends and what is hot right now, and a lot is said about how Vintage will be a passing thing, and that its time is nearly over.

Howver, I think each Bride will look at whats popular, but in the end will make up her own mind what look, era, idea, theme she wants.

A little poem I came across when house clearing reminded me that I still hold a candle for the things of the past, and I feel that the style of times gone by will forever have an influence.

The poem reads like this,


Old things are more beautiful

than many things brand new

because they bring fond memories

of things we used to do.

Old photographs in albums

love letters tied in lace

recapture those old feelings

that new ones can’t replace.

Baby shoes, a teddy bear

a ring that Grandma wore

are treasures waiting there behind

a door marked “Nevermore”.

Old things are more beautiful

more precious day by day

because they are the flowers

we planted yesterday.


Image Credit: Weddingbee.com


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