Mrs P and P’s Sunday Morning Cuppa

Good Morning and Welcome to Sunday Morning Cuppa.

This week has probably been the single most challenging of my career BUT the immense feeling of fulfillment and pride I have cannot be measured.

The Blog has taken a back seat in recent weeks and this has been with very good reason, but I aim to post a little bit more this coming week.

This week I have concentrated on quite a few Supplier Spotlights, there is a lot of emerging talent in the Wedding Industry and this both helps me a an advocate of couples to have knowledge of these Suppliers, and also lets me share that knowledge with a wider audience.

On Monday I was thrilled to highlight the work of Jill Hatton and her daughter Georgie and their company Port Out Starboard Home.

They create Handcrafted unique hair accessories from vintage components.

On Tuesday, I took a wee jaunt back in time to explore the history of our most romantic of days – Valentines Day

On Wednesday it was all about the Chocolate, there is something about its silky smoothness that is overwhelmingly alluring.

I was really excited to share an awesome Glasgow based company that I met last year. Urban Cake/Nucoco Chocolate  is an exciting new Brand bringing taste sensations to South West Scotland and beyond.

On Thursday the Blog took a break as I was working on a very special Big Day.

On Friday I was delighted to chat about a outstanding new Videography company based in Birmingham that capture your Big Day just a teeny bit differently.

Music Wedding Video have their own slant on Wedding Videography that is edgy and fun.

Later on Friday I was very priviliged to share some early photographs from the Wedding I co-ordinated on Thursday.

This very special day for a lovely lady unfortunately suffering from Cancer was brought together in under 3 weeks after a call by the Honeyrose Foundation and by the kindness of the UK Wedding Industry.

And on Saturday it was time to pay my own personal tribute to the legend that was Whitney Houston and what I will remember her for.

I really hope you enjoyed your Sunday Morning Cuppa and I look forward to sharing many more with you.

Love Mrs P and P x


UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow

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