Mrs P and P’s Sunday Roast – A Teatime Personal Post

Today I want to celebrate something. Nearly 1 year ago I recieved an #SBS mention from “Dragon’s Den” Theo Paphitis. (@theopaphitis]

As part of this fabulous initiative, SBS (Small Business Sunday), Theo retweets 6 small businesses who he thinks have great potential.

This was a wonderful boost as well as an incredible honour, and I want to thank Theo once again for having that faith in me.

The plan I have for my future is to be top of my game in Scotland. I am making small strides but I know that I have some way to go to reach that level.
The fact that I was shortlisted for Best Wedding Planner at the Wedding Ideas Awards in January 2011 was probably the pinacle moment of my career.

This year as well as my shortlisting I have had the absolute pleasure to co-ordinate at some beautiful Weddings and Events.

I have also built up my past Blog, and taken on and retained Sponsors. In the last month I changed Blogging platforms and now I continue to solidify that following and stats, and hope to build this new Blog into something amazing for 2012.

As well as that have brought together the 1st Big Fat Scottish Tweet Up which looks to become a fixture in the Scottish Wedding Industry calendar with two events planned for 2012.

I would still say that I am establishing my business and making that mark, but I believe that in any career every day is a learning experience and you never actually stop learning.

Something I read this morning has stuck by me “The only limits in your life are the ones you create with your mind. Tell yourself a new story about how far you can go!”

So thats what I intend to do, I would love one day to own my own Wedding boutique or run my own Wedding venue, but these at the moment are just dreams. I have so many thoughts about where I want to go and how I want to capitalise on the firm standing I have achieved already but I realise that I will need to have patience as things take time and careful planning.

However I am determined, and hungry for success, and am steadfast in the knowledge that my dreams will come true.



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    Bravo Alison! A very deserving #SBS winner, and I for one know that 2012 is only going to see your career go further and further!
    You’ve achieved so much! You are brilliant – never forget that! 🙂 x

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