Putting down Roots – 4th Business Birthday !

Today is a new day, its a new month and it always puts bounce in our step when we think of fresh starts and putting down roots.

It is also my 4th Business Birthday, and for the last few days I have been reflecting on what I have achieved and what is still to come.




This has both cheered me in what I have done as a Business but also made my heart a little heavy of where I thought I could be.

It has meant so much to have you share this, at times tough, but amazing journey and I want you all to know I value everyone of you for sharing it with me.

There have been highs, there have been lows, and I have had experiences, and opportunities I never thought possible, but I have gone further than I could possibly have imagined.

I appreciate your ongoing support, and look forward to sharing, tips, creative ideas and inspiration for many more years.

I have realised though [with a little nudge from a friend] that I am incredibly lucky to actually still survive this long as a Business in the current economic climate and that itself is a momentous achievement.

Also sitting watching my children played happily this week, I marvelled at the beauty and the randomness of nature.

The smell of  cut grass, the lushness of the tree’s and the brightness of the billowing daffodils (sometimes against the randomness of snowfall) made me see how lucky I actually am.

I have a wonderful husband, an amazing family and though the Business is still to hit the heights I envision, its slowly getting there.

I have looked at the little tree’s only a few years old, still putting down roots against the ages old oak that has been there for many generations and decided that even though I’m small, I am strong and have the tenacity and drive to endure like that old Oak.

So with my growing foundation, I take myself into a new Year once again with hope….


Little Tree, Big Tree – Photo Credit


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    Aww this blog makes me feel happy. Yes, you are right the 1st of the month always is a reminder of good things to come.

    And happy 4th birthday! x

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    Happy 4th Birthday! When ever we imagine what is involved in a business and what ours will be like, we are all too often very far from the mark,
    It’s challenging, but thats one of the reasons why we do it. Its a good thing that there are plenty of us Oaks standing strong and still growing even if its not a fast as we had first planned!

    Keep hoping & growing & congrats!

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