Reflection and Re – Evaluation to Inspiring, Planning and Delivering

This week I was reminded that sometimes you need to take a step back.

When you take the time to stop you have the opportunity ot take a look at your Business and re – evaluate what is your ethos, and what message you are trying to project, and the ways that you can make that happen.

It is sometimes not an easy road but it is worthwhile.

So after some consideration, reflection of what I have achieved, and lessons I have learned over the last few years, I have clarified that in my mind.

My work ethos is that Plans and Presents is about delivery, working with clients, in whatever nature or involvement that is, to make Events amazing.  3 words so essential to a great Party – Inspire, Plan, Deliver.

I believe that each celebration is about the couple or individual, it is their day, and they always retain “ownership” of their day. I just see myself as a their guide, counsellor, and advisor.

The message I am trying to project is that a Wedding and Event Planner is not just the luxury for celebrities, or the well off, but real people who need someone to to make their special day, unique and distinctive.

I am someone who is professional and approachable, and my job in essence is to be an affordable reassurance. The way I plan to do get my message out is to educate the industry, and the public little by little.

Many still see a Wedding and Event Planner as an all or nothing thing, when in fact we can come in at any point to help and assist.

From an expense point of view, the research and contacts that a planner has will negate extra expense by ensuring Clients stay on Budget, and achieve the best possible deals.

The Media  also put out an extremely negative message. Movies in recent years such as the Wedding Planner or Bride Wars have given people the impression that a Planner is only within the reach of those that are wealthy or in high powered jobs.

British soap opera’s and reality shows haven’t done much to dispel the myths either, with our industry being portrayed as untrustworthy, expensive, and over the top.

The fact is our industry, and my job is to help you in any way we can, and I hope that I can go someway to change peoples perceptions.

Sometimes re-evealuation is an extremely effective tool, it shows you how far you have come and what you have still yet to do, and I hope that with your support that I will do it for a long time to come.


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    A very thoughtful post! Its great how you have your clients interests always at forefront of mind! Hope you go from strength to strength! xx

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