Seeds and Harvest – Networking & building Foundations

Today I want to focus a little on Networking and building foundations which I think is of fundamental importance to small Business in the Wedding Industry so we can be the best we can be.

The words of a much read quote have made me step back and think today, as they have a lot of truth behind them and are really quite inspired.

“Judge not by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.”


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In non poetic language it means that we have to be patient, all the work that we do now is a building block for the future.

Things will come together in the fullness of time, but sometimes you have to push through the hard times to get to the really good.

It also means that we have to be grateful for the amazing individuals that we have met already and those that we have still to meet.

I am constantly astounded by the talent of the Scottish and UK Bridal Industry and I have been fortunate to meet many.

I have found some of the many Wedding Hours on Twitter have provided the best networking opportunities.

This industry is huge but you are exposed to some really exciting Business, and I love being able to feature and increase my knowledge of some really fantastic individuals.

I speak to many many people on Social Media but face to face is always best.

I don’t get to do a lot of Networking events as a busy working mum but the opportunity to have a sneaky coffee and a chat to find out about peoples Businesses is something I really enjoy.


This kind of brings me back to being the gardener of my own Business.

The chance to link up and “plant seeds”, so to speak, with those that you would alternatively never get the chance to meet is amazing.

I also see myself also as a bit of an advocate for small Business.

In the grand scheme of things I am still yet a small business but have a few years under my belt and have been there, have made the mistakes and can help.

I am not yet an oak,  just a wee tree with slightly firmer roots that wants to nurture the wee saplings just planted.

I am kind of known as a lady that loves to talk so come say Hi to me whether that is by chatting on social media – Twitter or Facebook, Google + or by sending me an email or chatting to me on the Phone.


To be a better resource I also need your help in building a stronger foundation, whether that is by you featuring on the blog or moral support (always welcome).

I love to be of help but to cultivate my own Business it has to be on the basis of mutual respect and cooperation.

Together we can build a better resource for Brides and Grooms we have yet to meet.



Image Credit: Seeds of Love 


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    Seeds are such a great metaphor in any industry or part of life. It’s not just about planting them, it’s also about continuing to nurturing them and having patience to wait for them to bear fruit. That’s true if you want to be successful in business, in your relationship, as a family member, as a friend… all areas of life.
    Thanks for the reminder!

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