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This afternoon I want to share a bit of a personal post on what’s happening in the world of MrsPandP.

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The last month has been all very much about my family.

Taking advantage of some time of for all of us we travelled to the other side of the world to Australia.

As we soaked in some amazing scenery and had some incredible experiences, it made me reflect over the challenges of the last few years.

As I look back over this time so much has happened.

I have come such a long way, of which I am incredibly proud but I still feel that I haven’t reached my full potential ( and I am not sure I will ever be able to).

A lot of the time I feel like a very small voice which mostly gets drowned out and you can only shout so much before you get hoarse.

However much I may love what I do, however it has inspired and driven me,  it will forever take second place to my family.

That… to the business brigade may sound like professional suicide but its how it is!

I think many of my colleagues in the industry who are parents have the guilt that they don’t have enough balance and I am no exception.

The summer holidays which are now upon all of us can be a bit of a tumultuous time (and at this moment and with how I feel its particularly hard).

Balance is something we all struggle with and I don’t think many of us get it truly right, much though we try.

This coupled with work guilt  that we are not doing things right, we aren’t projecting the right image, or we simply aren’t doing enough in our Work lives makes for a big ball of argh!!!

However there comes a point when you just have to say “STOP!” to all of the pressure.

None of us can be all, and everything to everyone. We may try but it simply isn’t possible and those that say they can juggle like that either have help or are lying.

The last few months have been so intense that time out was much needed to attempt to recharge the batteries. Even with my holiday this week especially I have felt sucked into a black hole I struggled to get out of.

To give my all to each element of my work, sometimes a step back is needed to save health, sanity and relationships.

My health particularly over the last year has suffered and some major business changes are possible in the next few months.

The thought of stepping back is something I really struggle with as being an organised person, letting go of the small bit of the Monica about me can make me feel more challenged.

At the end of the day though, the ones that you cuddle up to, the ones whose shoulders you cry on, the ones that listen when no one else does and the ones that let you strop like a teenager but still actually love you are most important.

Hopefully I can get back in my swing soon, but I ask for your patience and support whilst I get there, thank you for reading this personal post.



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    Hope ur feeling better soon x

    1. Reply

      Thank you xxx

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    Hope your ok Alison! You probably just need a proper time out and to re-focus your energy on what’s most important to you. Reconnect with your surroundings and become one again. Find that inner peace xx

    1. Reply

      Thanks Priti, I probably do and I am doing a lot of thinking about the future x

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    A very honest post Alison and anyone that has every worked with you will know that you give everything your heart and soul. It’s easy to forget ‘me time’. Enjoy your family time and don’t let guilt or fear stand in your way – you won’t regret it. x

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      Thanks for your kind words Pamela x

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