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Today I am delighted to welcome Jill Hatton of Port Out Starboard Home or P.O.S.H who makes Handcrafted unique hair accessories from vintage components and who is located both in Bristol and Surrey.

They are Jilly and Georgie,  a mother and daughter team who appreciate the best quality and the importance of having everything just right for weddings and special occasions.

Today they tell you all about their Business,


“We handcraft glamorous and unique hair accessories for weddings and special occasions using vintage components. We love vintage jewellery, there is something very special about the rhinestone, paste and pearls which were used in the past; they have an amazing lustre, sparkle and luxurious feel.”

“We have a ready to wear range shown on our website and also offer a bespoke service. We very much enjoy making to order and perhaps using an item in the design which has family sentimental value.”

“We offer a versatile and wide range of hair accessories, with choices for brides, bridesmaids, flower girls and other ladies who are attending a wedding or special occasion. Many of our accessories are great for also wearing to proms, balls, parties or just to add a bit of sparkle or interest to an outfit.”

“Our selection of hair accessories will suit any type of wedding theme or special occasion and can be adapted or made to meet exact requirements. Our clients are people who are looking for something unique and a different. They enjoy having the opportunity to discuss their requirements with us and have a bespoke head dress designed specifically for them.”

“As an illustration, we are working with Kirsty from Warminster who has asked for a vintage purple themed hairband for herself and five bridesmaids. They will all wear designs made from purple crystal vintage brooches to match her colour scheme. We have designed each headdress to be individual and will coordinate perfectly with the theme. It is always a challenge finding suitable pieces for special commissions, but great fun searching vintage shops and markets for the ideal item.”

“Another bride has asked us to add a birdcage veil to her raw silk bow and also to make a bespoke headdress for her mum who did not want a traditional hat or fascinator.”

“We understand the importance of having everything just right for weddings and special occasions and the need to provide high quality designs which are excellent value for money and within the brides’ budget.”

“As well as recycling tired jewellery we are also proud that all our packaging and stationery is made from recycled materials.”


“Our business was officially launched in September 2011, however, we but we had been taking commissions for some years before then. Jill is based in Bristol and Georgie in Surrey.”

“We were inspired to launch Port Out Starboard Home (P-O-S-H) after Georgie’s wedding. We had an idea of the special hair accessories we wanted for that occasion, but found that the choice was very limited. Georgie decided to design and make her own headband from items in granny’s jewellery box.”

“The headband was a huge success and the business idea was born! We started in a very small way as we both had full time jobs, but when Jill took early retirement in July 2011, it seemed an ideal opportunity to launch our business. P-O-S-H has blossomed from there!”

“We love working in the wedding industry and having the opportunity to play a key part in our clients’ wedding day. We enjoy meeting brides and their female party members and being able to make them exactly what they are looking for.”

“It is a fantastic feeling when someone says “that’s perfect, thank you so much.” We thoroughly enjoy the part we play in this memorable occasion and are very aware of the importance and impact of what we do.”



“We study historical hair accessories and fashion and also draw inspiration directly from the vintage pieces we find in England, France, Germany and Austria, where we have family connections.
We are always searching for special pieces we feel will make a beautiful and unique headband or comb. We often incorporate raw silk, brocade, satin, vintage lace and feathers in our creations.”

“Our designs usually start by using items from the wide selection of jewellery we have in our collection. We study the pieces and make rough samples. We then keep revisiting the sample until we have a design we like and which will work well.”

“Some pieces are just beautiful on a headband or comb by themselves, while other smaller pieces benefit from being grouped together. We may add pearls and crystals to some designs to enhance a vintage piece.
We also use the same process when making bespoke items. We make samples for our clients after discussing their requirements and then will agree the final design. If we don’t have the exact item, then we will search for it until we find it.”



“This is a difficult question as we enjoy every assignment! Our favourite assignment this year has to be making headdresses and accessories for bridal gowns which are being used in a photo shoot later in the month. We love the challenge of making bespoke pieces, so this was a wonderful opportunity to design and make something unique and different.
We are working with Nicola Thomas from “Find a Dress” who is based in Chippenham Wiltshire. The wedding dresses are stunning and it was important for us to make hair accessories which compliment the dresses and do not detract from them in the photographs.
Nicola who is the founder of “Find a Dress” offers an individual, friendly and professional experience. To find out more and to see the high quality gowns at affordable prices.”


“We enjoy everything we do and get an amazing sense of achievement when we have completed a commission and provided each of our customers with their perfect accessory.”

“A highlight of last year was in September, when one of our vintage hairbands was worn in a scene in the filming of a prominent BBC TV series, details of which are still top secret! We expect wide media coverage and interest once this has been screened. We are so looking forward to being able to tell everyone!”


“Another achievement was when we were asked to produce a headdress for an exhibitor at the Portobello Film Festival. She wore her military themed headband to the premiere.”

“We enjoyed working with Jess who got married last summer in Las Vegas, she had a Greek themed wedding and after discussions and planning we came up with the look she was searching for.”

Thanks so much to Jill and Georgie for sharing their work. It must give a great deal of satisfaction to create things so beautiful from something that may have been a bit tired before and now are sparkly and and new but which can also have such sentimental value.

I also love the thought of finding such special pieces whilst rummaging about. I remember playing with my granny’s jewels when little and its quite exciting that this could be crafted into a unique piece.


To Contact P.O.S.H


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Telephone: 07703544345



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