Supplier Spotlight – Sweet Everythings – Dessert Tables and Sweetie Buffet Design

Today I am delighted to spotlight Hosanna Fisher of Sweet Everythings.

Her company is one of the up and coming dessert table + sweetie buffet designers based in our fair city of Glasgow and serving Scotland.

Her custom designs are a gorgeous alternative to catering and traditional party favors + a fun way to encourage conversation and mingling amongst your guests and she is passionate about whats she does and about excellence in every detail. Her expertise and our creative skills are wholly invested in the design that best reflects the client and event, from start to finish.

I had a chat with Hosanna and we talked deliciousness….

What is it you do, and what services do you offer ?

” Sweet Everythings is a dessert boutique that designs and creates deliciously different dessert tables and sweets buffets for weddings, events and parties. I also provide vintage china hire.
The tables are highly personalised to showcase each client’s exact preferences for their celebration. I do especially love it though when a client chooses a vintage inspired event or something a little bit quirky. I can source a huge range of exceptional style pieces to make an event one-of-a-kind.”

“For our dessert range, Sweet Everythings specialises in American-style desserts and sweets: cupcakes, brownies, whoopie pies, layer cakes, and the latest foodie trend of cake pops. We can also provide for diet specifications such as gluten-free. Throughout the event we work very closely with the party planner to make sure that the dessert setting blends in beautifully with their theme.”

When, and why did you start your business ?

“Thanks to so much support from family and friends, Sweet Everythings is about to celebrate its first birthday!”

“It all started at a massive party I had created (one of many!). One of my guests said that my handmade desserts were so delicious that they would love to buy one from me. I have always been a passionate baker who loved creating events for others, but it was an entirely new thought that it could become a business. It took me some time before I was able to launch into the wedding market, and it coincided nicely with the arrival of cake pops to this side of the pond and vintage coming into fashion again.”

What inspires you?

“For me, fresh ideas come from everything from fabric to art to shop window displays to visual books I’m reading. You can turn anyone’s vision for their event into a heavenly array of desserts! I am endlessly creative, versatile and tireless in seeking inspiration to create something extra special each time I design a client’s dessert table.”

What has been your favourite assignment, and why ?

“My favourite client assignment is probably one I haven’t created yet! There are so many unlimited ways of styling an event and each one is unique. I can’t help but feel privileged to work with someone to create an exceptional setting that is a sweet snapshot of their personality. The goal is to make the client feel like a five-star guest at their event as friends and family smile and say, ‘That is so very YOU’!”

What’s your greatest achievement ?

“At the moment, because Sweet Everythings is still a young business, I think my greatest achievement is simply taking the leap to launch it into the wedding market, and beginning to see clients get excited about what can be created. It literally is showing that the outstanding dessert settings seen in magazines and in blogs are available for our real-life celebrations, too!”

“I am loving becoming established in Scotland, and offering service to my clients that is personal, relevant and exceptional.”

What’s the future for your Business ?

“In the future, I see Sweet Everythings as an exclusive brand in the making, unmissable as a style force in Scotland at private and major events and even further afield. I particularly want to empower women entrepreneurs through the business combination of fashion, foodie trends and events, which I think is a powerful niche in this current economy.”

“I also think that another level of customer service is needed for customers across our nation. Some UK businesses are amazing with their customers, but in the new economy of ‘business as unusual’, more is needed. I would love Sweet Everythings at the forefront of a revolution that promotes the value of business by delighting (yes, I said
delighting!) in how they can help and serve their customers more effectively in real time. I especially believe women, with our strengths of listening, anticipating needs and our resourcefulness, could be instrumental in this change. Now, I realise I’m setting the bar incredibly high, but my business motto is ‘if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail’!”

Thanks to Hosanna for sharing her story. I met Hosanna last year and was delighted when she donated her  Cake Pops to the Goody Bags at the Big Fat Scottish Tweet Up which she will be again at our forthcoming event. I just love the concept of the dessert table, it can be elegant, it can be fun, whatever you like and I don’t think there are many of us that don’t just love a gorgeous slice of cake or a yummy nibbly. Feast your eyes on the fabulousness!

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