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The Wine Palate was founded to tantalise taste buds with quality wines. They don’t sell mass produced wines – they prefer buying from vineyards that are smaller, unique and put more TLC into their wine making.

Wine is very much about what you like, but their view is that they are certainly not wine snobs. At The Wine Palate clients will find lots of wines to explore – from the mainstream, to the more unusual for those who like to experiment. But there is one constant with them, and that is quality. Quality wine, quality service – and at wholesale prices.

For a  special occasion such as a Wedding, couples will probably spend lots of time on preparation, but sometimes the wine can be a bit of a challenge. That’s where the Wine Palate comes in!

Whether clients have a buffet or a sit down meal, they can match the wine to the occasion – from a “fizzy” for toasts or welcoming guests, through to wines that match and complement the food.

I spoke to Kirstin of the Wine Palate to find out more.

What is it you do, and what services do you offer ?

“We are an online supplier of fine wines and luxury hampers (wine and pampering products). We also host wine tasting events throughout Glasgow for our customers to come along and try some wines before buying.”

“There are a limited number of wines on the website at the moment, however we have access to over 4000 wines and can usually find something to suit everyone from a budget cost right up to the most exclusive wines.”

When, and why did you start your business ?

“We started the business in 2011 to provide quality wine online with the added benefit of getting to try the wines before buying.”

“Buying wines off a supermarket shelf or online can be a gamble and its too late once you have opened the bottle! We provide our customers with lots of
information on the wines, put money where our mouths are and let our customers try before they buy.”

“The independant wine supplier is a dying breed but I still think people enjoy the whole experience of wine; knowing about the winemaker, the characteristics of the grape etc and also a personal recommendation to try something different. All of our wines tell a story.”

“The idea for our hampers was to provide quality products that are useful; from the wicker basket itself to the candles, wine, chocs and hand lotions etc. No space fillers allowed!”

What inspires you ?

” I am inspired by people who triumph over adversity.”

What has been your favourite assignment, and why ?

“Well, that’s easy! At this time of year we have to sample literally hundreds of wines to decide what is good enough for our lovely customers. Its a hard job!”

Whats your greatest achievement ?

“Hopefully that is still to come but I think juggling family life and running a business is an achievement for anyone.”

Whats the future for your Business ?

” I see the future as perhaps a retail outlet, we will let our customers guide us to what they want from us.”

Thanks to Kirstin for sharing. I love how they make the choice even easier to discover quality by the way you can search by price, type, country, or for ideas to match food.

Full tasting notes to guide you along, and an online wine dictionary to help with any jargon is also very well thought out.

The chance to attend taster Events is also the perfect opportunity to make sure you are picking something perfect for your event, why trot off to a cash and carry in France without the actual chance to make sure its the right product when its easier and just as cost effective to source something wonderful and perhaps more unusual here. The Wine Palate will also deliver anywhere in mainland U.K.

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