“Its a Swing Thing” – A Golfing Trash the Dress – Images by Stuart Craig Photography

Today I am actually giddy about sharing this amazing Trash the Dress captured by the fabulous Stuart Craig.  If you love golf this shoot will really tickle you as it so playful and fun.

Stuart is a wedding photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland and covers weddings and civil partnerships throughout the country.

Stuart shares his day out on the fairways,

“There was a sense of justice in the air as I arrived at Torphin Hill Golf Course. Jenna and Brian got married just a few weeks ago at Ghillie Dhu, and on that day it rained on their parade. But it didn’t stop them going outdoors, which tells you something about their fun loving character.”

“Wall to wall sunshine would provide a great contrast for their post wedding shoot I thought. We arranged for two golf buggies and sorted a variety of props before heading out for a game of golf. The course looked perfect for beginners.”

“We quickly got into the swing of things after a few warm up shots on the green. The wedding rings teed off first in bright sunshine as Jenna and Brian played a few ground stokes.”

“Jenna seemed far more interested in the heavy clubs though, and practiced her drive as we waited for some ‘real’ golfers to pass through the green. Meanwhile, Brian took every opportunity to play a few shots between photos and looked quite delighted every time we had a wee rest,it was hot work in the blazing sun.”

golfing bride and groom

golfing bride

golfing groom

“No sooner had my back turned, when the happy couple started fighting. It was like a scene from Star Wars on the green, the two of them prancing about trying to land a lethal blow. Jenna obviously doesn’t like to follow a script, and soon wiped the smile of Brian’s face with a viscous swing to the head which knocked him out. The best man Stephen had come along for the ride and was forced to help poor Brian recover. He was looking a bit worse for wear after that clubbing. I hoped they would kiss and make up.”

“The thrill seekers were soon on the move in the buggy and seemed to be ignoring the warning signs on the course. Perhaps it was the golf balls stuck in their eyes that was impeding their reading ability, but whatever it was, nothing was out of bounds as they nestled into waist high foliage and finally got into a more romantic mood.”


“Brian lifted Jenna on the walk back to the buggy to kiss her, only to reveal a nice pair of pink trainers which immediately caught my eye. That gave me another uplifting idea.”

“The idea behind levitation is to jump as high as you can in the air, and at the point where you stop rising and begin the downward decent it looks literally like you are floating on air. Brian loved the idea and was soon putting his back into it. Jenna by contrast was completely hopeless, and had us all laughing at her lack of spring. I don’t think she managed any higher than a foot during the various attempts. Their timing was pretty hilarious, and made for some quite fun snaps. I dare not publish the outtakes for these!”

“The golf buggy was decorated with balloons and came complete with it’s own private registration. Some tin cans were attached for the drive back to the club house, if only to add a soundtrack to match the spectacular scenery on show. Stephen drove me in the second buggy, sticking to the happy couple like glue. What a din we heard as they ripped across the course, occasionally posing for the cameras when we came into range.”

“What a great way to break in the L plates and get used to married life. That’s the game!”

Thanks to Stuart for sharing such fantastic images.

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    Very nice wedding photographs with a golf twist. Can’t believe you lucked out on the weather.


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