The Magic is in the Moments…

There has been a lot of talk about what what constitutes a Bloggable Wedding but for me the Magic will always be in the Moments.

I have spoken before on the subject of Love being the detail and I stand by that.

Whilst details can be inspiring and they will always have a place in a Wedding Blog (and to be honest we all like to see a bit), what is much more vital is to feel what they feel, experience that feeling of joy, connect to the happiness.

If you go to any Wedding Photographer website 99% of the time they will say they will capture your day, the moments, being natural and unobtrusive, the fun bits, the meaningful bits ( and the details).

If you ask any person following a Wedding what their favourite recollection of the day was, I can guarentee it won’t be about what shade of purple the napkins were.

People remember looks, people remember words, people remember smiles.


So I have put together a few picture boards of what I believe are the most important part of the Wedding….Moments.


Wedding Preparations


PicMonkey Collage momentsPREP


Credits – Line 1 – L – Lush Wedding Photography +  R – Imagine Images

Line 2 – L –  CKB Photography + R – Pshikotra Photography


Father of the Bride


PicMonkey CollagemomentsDADS


Credits – Line 1 – L –  Gary Bonar Photography +  R –   Karli Harrison Photography

Line 2 – L  –  One Big Picture + R – Jonathon Fowler Photography


The Kids


PicMonkey CollagemomentsKIDS


Credits – Line 1 –  L –  Stuart Craig Photography+  R – Imagine Images

Line 2 – L –  PB Artworks + R –  Wilson McSheffrey Photography


Wedding Ceremony


PicMonkey CollagemomentsCEREMONY


Credits – Line 1 – L – Stuart Craig Photography  +  R – Pete Barnes Photography

Line 2 – L – Imagine Images  + R – Jonathon Fowler Photography


Bride and Groom


PicMonkey Collagemomentsbrideandgroom


Credits – Line 1 – L  – Pete Barnes Photography +  R –  Mike Cook Photography

Line 2 – L –  AB Weddings + R – Love Skye Photography


Wedding Reception


PicMonkey CollageMOMENTSreception


Credits – Line 1 – L  –  Courtenay Photographic +  R  – Ashley Hampson Photography

Line 2 – L  + R  – Stuart Craig Photography


We as Wedding Bloggers have a responsibility to share everything, but not be so hung up on detail that we forget that the those  moments are most important of all.


UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow


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    Great post Alison, as always. I see quite a few blogs with minimal shots of the couples just sharing moments which, for me, is at the very heart of wedding photography. Yes details and things are important also but the shots of the two newly weds are absolutely critical.

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