The Story of Me – Revisited

It might seem a little self indulgent, but I feel to know the Brand you need to know the Person behind it, so I would like to share the Story of Me.

In the spirit of sharing, , I have decided to revisit the past, and also let some of those that don’t know me take a peek  into my background, and what has brought me to where I am now.



Weddings  and Events were not in my master plan as a child.

My mum was a nurse, all the women in the circle of family and friends were nurses, and from a young age thats all I wanted to be.

I am one of life’s natural helpers, nothing makes me happier than making someone smile by helping them achieve something they are finding difficult, so nursing was a natural step, as the cliche goes to “help people”

I became a Student Nurse in 1990, and spent 3 years in London which helped me grow up an awful lot.

Up until then I had had a great, but reasonably sheltered upbringing, so being 500 miles away from home showed me how to stand on my own 2 feet.

For the next 10 years and after moving back home to Glasgow, I worked in Acute Medical Admission units and I loved the buzz, and the fact that I made a difference in peoples lives.
However the Health service had changed from the way it was when I began, and the actual “helping bit” became replaced by paperwork and bed pushing.
I met Neill in the Summer of 2002, and we married just over 2 years later on August 21st 2004.
Since then we have been blessed by 2 amazing children, Kathryn, and Leo.

After Leo was born, I realised that staying in a career that made me unhappy for the next 30 years would basically send me mad.

This coupled with the recession and the shiftwork that Neill was doing made it impossible to return to the NHS, with the childcare issues it raised.
In another tip of the hat to the Cliche, planning my own wedding had been an amazing experience.
I had also helped some friends in part with their events and it was something I enjoyed intensely, and was told I was good at.

The 4 years between my Wedding and leaving nursing were spent researching the Events market, and making plans, but there was never the RIGHT TIME to make the break.

However circumstances, recession and redundancy made the choice for me.

I started Plans and Presents on April the 1st 2009. Probably an odd choice of date, and to this day I still get seen as a nurse by some, and that this career is a bit of a joke.

But I believe that from my nursing career I have gained skills that transend careers such as budget management, crisis management, great organisational skills, being a really good communicator, and having the ability to really listen.

The last nearly 3 years has shown me, even though things can be a real challenge at times is that with determination, iron will and a true passion for what you are doing you can make yourself a success.


Making that step to self employment was one of the scariest things I have ever done, and the fact that I had in essence been forced to leave secure paid employment was even scarier, but I will never regret doing it as I am truly happy, I am inspired, and I feel I am in an industry where I am actually respected, and that is amazing.


As a step forward I have been shortlisted in the last Year for Best Wedding Planner at the Wedding Ideas Awards, been shortlisted twice for Best Business to Business in the Golden Twit Awards, I have recived and SBS Retweet from  Dragons Den mentor Theo Paphitis.

I have also brought together the  Big Fat Scottish Tweet Up Events which this year will be going forward as a Bi – annual Event.

I have also built my Blog standing in my previous Blog, taken on Sponsors and taken a step up with new Branding on this new Blog.

These are all small things of which I am very proud to have achieved and never thought in my lifetime I could have done but my story isn’t over, its only just begun…..




UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow


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