Trust means reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing or having a confidence in.

Over the last few weeks this “confidence” has been shaken.

I have found that sometimes that that trust is misplaced and people see your trust as weakness and take advantage. Even those I have thought were friends have shown a side that I would rather not see.

I don’t want that to taint my belief in human nature as there are some incredible people in the Industry who have added enormous value to my life just by being the wonderful individuals they are. They are simply outstanding at their individual crafts and these are the ones that I hold dear.

But its a sad situation in the world when you are wary of every single person due to the lack of honesty in some.

I am blessed with  a solid network of trusted professionals and family, but in my work this takes me outside this circle and to a point you have believe that people are inherently good.

When this trust is misplaced it 1. makes me really rather sad that those I placed a confidence in can be like that and 2. unlikely to recommend them to clients as if they can be dishonest with me then no way would I subject those that have trust in me to them.

I take pride in being completely transparent, how I am on social media, the web etc is how I am at home, just Ali [though when outside I’m usually a bit better dressed].

I believe in showing the real me, warts and all, whether that means the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

If you show only the best bits of life, thats not being honest. Whilst you won’t share every single struggle of your life, happy clappy all the time is completely fake.

I still believe the U.K Wedding and Events industry as a whole is amazing and realise that in every sector of society there are always bad apples and those that just don’t realise that lack of thought can hurt more than a knife.

As an industry and as a professional its completely imperative that we have confidence in those we deal with as those that trust us to do a job for them.





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    Hi Alison

    So sorry you have met with this type of person, I have worked in lots of large/small businesses and have always been proud of my work ethics but sadly have come up against a few brick walls in my time. In life we are always learning from experience, it’s what makes us stronger and able to tackle the next obstacle even when we think it’s impossible there is always a way out of what ever situation we experience.

    Unfortunately the Wedding Industry has its share of people who promise the earth but can’t deliver more so now than ever, another lesson to notch up on life’s journey. Around the next corner there will be someone who will restore your faith in mankind, their always there when we least expect it.

    Take care

    Christine x

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