Valentines Day – A Step Back In Time

On this most romantic of days, I just want to take you to take a step back into history.

It is thought that Valentine was a Bishop stationed in the Roman Empire, the Emporer Claudius II, ruled at the time.  He thought that unmarried men made better soldiers, so he banned marriage.

Around 270AD , Valentine took pity on the young men who were disallowed from seeing their loved ones, and started performing secret marriages.
When Valentine was found out, Emporer Claudius attempted to covert him to following his Roman gods.
Valentine refused as he was a Christian, and was sentenced to death. Another version of the story is that Valentine fell in love with his jailer’s daughter.
Just before his death, he sent her a note that said “from your Valentine”.
An aura of romance surrounded Valentine’s demise, and those who knew of this tale spread the word.

Today, Valentines Day is ever popular. A day to show how much you care for that special someone, whether that be a simple card, a bouquet of flowers, or the ultimate romantic gesture, the Engagement Ring !

Personally, I feel that Valentines Day should be for all year through.
Always remember to say I love you, always remember those cuddles, and make sure your nearest and dearest know they are valued every single day.
Life is far too short for regrets.

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