Wedding Advice – Do I have children at my wedding ? And What to do if you do!

Its an age old question – Do I have children at my wedding ?

Whilst angelic voices can be distracting to some, it can be seen to be endearing to others.

You have spent many hours of planning to make this day the most special of your life so it is important to consider the little ones, because all those finely tuned details you have pored over can seem tedious and boring to a child that is used to running around.

It is not the nature of a child to sit still and quiet during the the important bits ie. the ceremony and the wedding breakfast so it is essential that little minds are stimulated.

Consider having some childrens entertainment like  a craft workshop.

Amrit Bedi runs The Creation Station in Glasgow. She offers interactive, creative and innovative workshops for kids , where they learn new and unique skills in a fun filled environment, and can come to your Event to ensure the little ones have their own arty party and a great time.

As does Katie Rand of the Crafty Party, a mobile service that will come to your wedding venue. They will arrive with all of the materials, equipment, and expert tuition.

Something a wee bit different but really enjoyable for the kids too is Sand Art such as is provide by KidsBeeHappy

Another option is to have a Magician or a Clown, or to hire a mobile creche such as Safehands for the day.

A fabulous entertainment option is a bouncy castle which a lot of the time, the adults like to play on too. Lawn games are also great if good weather prevails.

Party bags with some age appropriate toys, colouring books and crayons can be a really great idea.
For these consider Lifes a Celebration or make up your own with  pocket money toys and magazines etc. making it a bit more personalised to each child.

Bubbles always go down a storm with kids too.

Its best to be completely clear from the outset what sort of celebration you are having, whether it is children inclusive or an adults only affair.

Not inviting children can sometimes be a bit of a minefield as it can bring up the issues of child care for guests that are parents.

However on the flip side, sometimes parents are glad of some personal time.

From a personal point of view, I had a few children on my day, the guest of honour being my 5 day old nephew, and I think it can add something a little bit more special to proceedings.

It can be really funny to hear little voices piping up at inappropriate times, or see little pageboys rolling about in grass with their crisp white shirts.

However it is the day that you have waited for all your life so any decision is an individual one, and something that you are comfortable with.

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    Oh this is a great blog post!

    We had such a problem deciding what to do about kids as I am the youngest cousin on both sides and all of my cousins have at least 1 child each, some have 3… my first instinct was to say NO kids as we chose a small and personal venue that we loved and we just didn’t see how we could accommodate all of them, plus it meant half the guest list being taken over by kids…..

    But then when we visited our venue again we realised they also had a little dining area right next to the main reception room (it was in a rustic pub/barn so it was very quirky). We decided to invite the kids and have that extra room as a kids room where they could sit and still be part of the wedding without it taking up the numbers from the original guest list. The cousins were happy, and we made kids activity books themed to match the wedding (I’m a designer so this was extra fun) and gave out popcorn and pink lemonade to make sure they felt included in the day!

    I can’t say whether it made a huge difference to our day whether the kids were there or not, but they are part of our family and without them being there my grandad wouldnt have seen us altogether before he passed away, my nieces who were bridesmaids wouldnt have had anyone to hang out with, and probably my cousins wouldnt have been able to come so it worked out well and I was glad they came along!

    It can be really tough when you are in a big family with lots of children, but if you can fit them into your venue it’s such a nice idea to enable them and their families to be part of your day – you can hand out colouring books, or hire entertainers too if you can budget for it, that way they’re happy and you can relax knowing you can hear the speeches properly!

    You have to ask whether you would attend a wedding where your children aren’t invited – getting a babysitter, travelling a long way and staying over without children can be a real hassle, but some parents really value the time to themselves and it is a real treat, so either way may be the right decision for you!

    As long as you are happy and have the day of your dreams, other people will get over whatever decision you make – to them its a few hours of their lives, to you its your DREAM day! xx

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