The Wedding Industry..Whats gone wrong ?

According to a survey by last year, the UK Wedding Industry is worth over £10 Billion.
This industry is somewhat unique in that it is not ruled by any one leading Brand but by a very many small Businesses.

Within a wedding there are many things that couples will need and want, and there are is the quality and quantity for them to have plenty of choice.
These couples spend thousands of pounds for that one perfect day with it being one of the most signicant events they will ever be part of and it should be the priority of those within this industry to provide that magic.

This Industry is so special to be part of. With any job its important to have job satisfaction but the smile of a Bride on her Wedding Day is one of the most heartwarming experiences a wedding industry provider can witness as basically love is what its really all about.

Our job as Wedding Industry professionals is to guide, to inspire and to counsel in what every sector of this industry we are in.
The happiness of the people we are put here to help is at the end of the day paramount.

Which is why the events of the last week have saddened me greatly.

While I won’t go into them directly, what I have seen is people who are supposed to guide being derogatory, being devious and also downright cruel to those that are supposed to be their colleagues in this wonderful industry.

Whilst we are all allowed to have our own opinions and have free speech, we have to be really careful about what constitutes disagreement and what constitutes libel.

There is also the issue of dishonesty, how are Brides and grooms supposed to feel safe and secure in their choices of wedding supplier when people can lie or be underhand with their own colleagues.
A lot can be said about Trust and I have covered this recently.

And there is also the issue of what constitutes being best. There has been much said in recent times of awards in recent months and especially this week.
But whilst awards may be a huge PR coup there is nothing better for your company than being the amazing person/supplier that you are and being true to yourself, true to your product and true to your service.
That brings enormous amounts of win and respect just by itself.
Thats not to say its not an incredible boost to confidence and sales but transparency of who you actually are and providing exemplary service to your clients is key.

In any Industry there can be times of challenge and discontent but I hope that soon the Wedding Industry can get back to a place where we do what we do best.


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    Totally agree. The professionalism of you and your company should only be beaten by the happiness of the bride and groom

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      Nicely put. I’d like to add a comment from the perspective of a new business owner. My observation would be that many of the more popular leaders of this on-line industry have a huge amount of influence over opinion, trends, styles and suppliers and who or what is considered ‘in’ and worth a second look. Voicing these opinions needs to be conducted with consideration, professionalism and balance. Initially I had a huge amount of admiration for those who had built their businesses to such a successful level and seemed to know so much about the industry. Fairly naturally I wanted to be everyone’s friend. This was met with arrogance by some, derision by others or kindness and consideration by a few. Being completely honest I’ve found the last week a little too much like school and am now completely happy with my relative anonymity! Thank you for being one of the few.

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    Forget awards, self congratulations, indulgence, false thanks from jealous peers, trust only you and your instincts, trust your business. Provide the best for your clients, be the best that you can, shut your ears to the drivell around you and serve. Your clients will love you and you wll be a sucess for both you and them…nothing else matters!
    Good post Alison

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    What did I miss last week?

    Pah, it’s silly season, people have too much time on their hands, it’ll all be sunshine and flowers again in a month’s time, when people are busy. Until then, I’d prefer to let it all wash over me.

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