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Its funny sometimes the things that inspire you.

I have spoken about my faith before HERE, and its very true that while many think the Bible is outdated, the roots of it still apply in modern society.

This morning it was part of a BIBLE VERSE and this got me to thinking.

“If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.  If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”

The crux of the story was about relationships and family.

Tensions within families go back to the beginning of time when Cain murdered his brother Abel  [sons of Adam and Eve] through jealousy.

And through time from that point there has been disharmony and war and families broken.

To keep loving family relationships takes work and time, many factors can have an impact and relationships can break down due to many reasons.

Within the Wedding Industry I have explored how relationships have broken down and how TRUST can be broken.

With the Wedding Industry as well as family, we can take each other for granted , we may not listen, we may not communicate properly and a relationship that was once healthy can become poorly.

To be the best we can be for the people we hope to support, healthy relationships are needed.

The UK Wedding industry is a huge network of talented and incredible people, and the point that I hope to make is we need to stand together even though we may have differences.

We might not agree with each others particular paths or choices but to be part of the larger Wedding family is an incredible privilige, and being a support to each other is healthy for each of us as a Business as is maintaining the relationships we have with our own loved ones.

Relationships can be really tough, family relationships even tougher at times but we need to take control, apologise if needs be, and make an effort to be united, whether this is a family situation or Business.

Now I’m not that deluded to think that everything is as easy as that, things can be much more deep rooted and take very much more to repair, but the first step is the willingness to try.

In Weddingland I believe its so important that we stand as one, much like the house for the greater good. and focus on ultimately those that we work for, the Bride and Groom as without them this family we belong to would not exist.


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