Why I won’t stick myself in a Box – Finding my own Niche

Its a question I constantly get asked, what do you think is your Niche?

Well, my answer is simple, I won’t stick myself in a box.

boxed in

The Market / Industry is constantly at you to have that one set thing, that having that set niche increases your chances of Business survival… well hello, I’m still here!

In a world that thinks you need that one special thing to set you apart, to make you different from your competitors, well here it is…I am all encompassing…broad minded…generalistic, whatever you want to call it!

Sometimes, its OK for everything not to be so clearly defined, its OK to be allowed to have different passions, to be able to talk about different things.

I won’t ever say NO to a Client, because what they want to do is outside some set pattern, my job is to work with them to get what they want (within reason) so sticking myself to a particular niche would exclude that possibility.

From my Blog point of view, I won’t say to a Bride, a Photographer, a Business that NO their style won’t suit based on a niche basis, it will be on its individual merits.

I want my Blog to reflect me and my personality in showing the people person that I am.

I want the Blog to be welcoming, helpful and informative to anyone that visits it and have some snippets that can be helpful to all sorts of genre.

Identifying what people want is always a work in progress, and the market, the industry, and trends evolve constantly, I hope I can run with that and evolve along with the pace.

Choosing a specific niche can be seen as safe, and to a point comforting but I want to give a bigger picture, and fulfil a bigger vision that I have.

Of course you can be a leader in your own niche, but I don’t want to settle for safe and established, I want to express myself as me freely without it having to be stuck in one set genre.

Its actually quite liberating to have that freedom, creating my own voice without it having a tag attached, and being able to move with the times and what people want at any one moment.

My Blog is not about playing the same game as others, its about doing things on my own terms.

I love the Wedding Industry, its exciting, its vibrant and there is such an incredible variety of wonderful, talented creatives out there that I both want to work with, and be able to show the world.

This blog is my chance to meet and be inspired by new and by established Business, to share incredible Wedding Photography from a wide range of Genres and to share advice and creative ideas from all sorts of areas.

So, you see, in work as in my life, I am what I want to be, and I encourage others to be the same.

I won’t ever set the world alight but I can blaze my own wee trail and I welcome you to join me…



UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow


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