Win Apothecary Style Wedding Favours For All Your Guests with Fausts Potions

Today its my pleasure to spotlight on this great competition with Faust’s Potions to Win Apothecary Style Wedding Favours for all your guests.

In celebration of the National Wedding Show, Faust’s Potions are giving away 100 vials of their naughty little recovery cures, complete with a deluxe gift wrapping set.


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Instead of sweets and chocolate dragees, Faust’s Awake and Asleep Potions are natural liquid supplements designed to help body and mind maintain a healthy balance when faced with hangovers, jet lag and fatigue.

Unique and healthy gifts, Faust’s Potions are the ultimate recovery pack for discerning night owls.


Founder Nina Faust established the Faust’s Potions brand in 2010, having spotted a niche in the market for an effective and potent nutritional supplement aimed at professionals.

Born out of the desire to provide a healthy and natural solution for the pressures and ailments of the 21st century lifestyle in one handy dose, Faust’s have developed a Recovery Pack containing two distinct Potions that they believe can help you feel at your best, night and day.


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These two distinct, concentrated beverages are packed with scientifically proven ingredients to assist your body in the detoxification and healing process and regain it’s natural balance.

Designed to be taken in combo, their Recovery Pack consists of two vials containing one dose of Awake Potion and one dose of Asleep Potion (25ml each).

The Awake Potion has a tangy orange flavour, and can be drunk on its own, or dilluted in water or orange juice if prefered. It is best taken either before a night out, to preload on essential nutrients, or the morning after, preferably with some food. Do not take it before going to sleep though, as it may keep you awake.

Faust recommend no more than one dose of Awake Potion (25ml) every 24 hours.

The blend of vitamins (B complex, C and E) minerals and herbal extracts gently stimulates and protects with ingredients such as Green Tea, Guarana and Korean Ginseng assisting alertness throughout the day without the rush resulting from a mega dose of caffeine and sugar often found in widely available energy drinks.

The Asleep Potion has a sweet berry and honey flavour, is best drunk before going to sleep.

Drink it on its own or as an infusion with warm, (but never boiling!) water according to taste.

Faust recommend no more than one dose of Asleep Potion (25 ml) every 24 hours.

The combination of Electrolytes, 5-HTP sweetened with honey can help relax your mind, body and soul and assist in your recovery while you sleep.


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So definetely something unique for your Wedding guests and something they will probably be very thankful for.

Celebrations are wonderful but sometimes their after effects aren’t so something nutritionally balanced to help alleviate that day after feeling  could be welcome.

To have a chance to WIN these unique wedding favours enter here – COMPETITION LINK


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