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To mark the launch of his brand new fitness training program for Brides, our good friend Matt Robinson (author of the BrideSnap Blog) is giving Mrs. P and P readers the chance to win one of five memberships he is giving away for FREE,

Matt says, and I am in complete agreement…”The person you fell in love with loves you as you are. Never forget that!”

“However, if changing your shape is something you want for yourself, here is a FREE competition to help you get there…”


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The Big Day Body plan is designed to motivate and support busy Brides to be, as they shape-up for their Wedding Day.

The program itself is designed entirely around building good health, positive eating habits that last for life, varied exercise to help all ability levels, and the motivation & support required to not just get started, but keep going with your journey.

All this culminates in changes in your body shape, improved health, increased energy levels, and visible improvements in your hair, skin and nails.


Matt has designed the fitness training program after spending the last 4 years working with a whole host of Personal Training clients, and in particular, after working with several Brides.

Matt decided this was an area he wanted to help more people in and decided to launch a blog to help Brides as they shape up for their big day.


Off the back of the success of the blog, Matt has now gone on to create the only plan of its kind online to help busy Brides like you achieve extra confidence on their big day, and to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

The Big Day Body  plan is ideal for any Bride that would like to make some changes to their body shape before their Wedding day and create some genuine improvements in their health and lifestyle as they enter their first year of marriage.

The plan is also ideal for those looking to lay the healthy foundations before pregnancy if that is your choice, which is something Matt has helped several women do in the past.


The Big Day Body Plan provides:



*Nutrition Advice

*Exercise Advice

*Answers to your tricky fitness questions



Bridesnap, fitness training, fitness for brides, big day body plan, matt robinson, weight loss for brides, fitness coach, fitness mentor


Remember, when you start a health/fitness journey you don’t have to be the complete article.

You don’t have to be fit.

You don’t have to to be the most dedicated.

You don’t have to be the best.

You can just start from where you currently are and gradually improve from there over time with consistent action.


So ladies, here is what you need to do…


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Competition closes on 28th February 2015.


About Matt

Matt Robinson is a Pro Fit personal trainer who works with Brides and others to offer personalised training programs, varied nutritional plans, and advanced coaching and mentoring.

He is based in  Huddersfield.


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