A Festive Pinwheel DIY Tutorial from Darby & Joan

Today I am delighted to share this fantastic wee Pinwheel DIY Tutorial by Mirlah Thornley who is working with  Karen at Darby and Joan.

These festive pinwheels are fantastic to create a focal point in your home, at a party or anywhere you want to bring Christmas to.


DIY Festive Pinwheel By Darby & Joan -header



I hand over to the expert to show you how to make your own gorgeous pinwheels.


“Hello lovely people my name is Mirlah and I’ve had the pleasure of working with the wonderful Karen at Darby and Joan over the past few months as their guest blogger, and we’re delighted to share a little Christmas Cheer with you today.”

“Amongst the glitz of Christmas parties, shopping lists and festive food, we like to roll up our sleeves and get crafty, so today we have an easy festive Pinwheel DIY Tutorial for you.”

“Get your glitter and glue at the ready, and I hope you enjoy…”


What you’ll need:


  • Scrapbooking paper in a variety of patterns or colours. 12″ x 12″  (You can of course use smaller squares of paper it just depends on the size of the pinwheel you’d like to make.
  • Card in different patterns or colours
  • PVA Glue or glue stick
  • Glue Gun or stringer strength glue
  • Glitter
  • Mini Wooden Letters
  • Scissors
  • Twine


What to do:


DIY Festive Pinwheel By Darby & Joan Paper-Fold-Glue


“Take a piece of square scrapbook paper and concertina fold making each fold ½ inch to an inch wide.”

“Once folded trim off the edges of the folded paper to just even out the edges.”

“Fold the concertina in half so it creates a triangle then glue the inner edges together using PVA or a glue stick.”

“Set aside to dry and grab another sheet of paper.”

“Repeat with matching paper and punch a small hole through the top of one of the pinwheel triangles this is where we will hang the pinwheel.”

“Depending on how tight you wish your pinwheel folds to be you will need to create 1,2 or 3 extra triangles. (2 or 3 extra triangles will be a lot tighter than just one.)”

“Once you have folded all of your triangles glue them all together creating your circular pinwheel.”

“Repeat as many times as you’d like with different coloured and patterned paper to create multiple pinwheels. ”


DIY Festive Pinwheel By Darby & Joan Glitter-letters


“To create the letters, take your chosen wooden letters, (available at most craft shops) and cover with glue and then sprinkle on your glitter.”

“This may take a while to dry.”


DIY Festive Pinwheel By Darby & Joan Glitter-Letters-Joy


“To give the letters a smooth surface to be attached to, cut out circles of card and glue each letter to the card.”

“Take your glue gun or stronger strength glue and attached the circle card and letter to the middle of your chosen pinwheel.”


DIY Festive Pinwheel By Darby & Joan J-O-Y


“Allow to dry before stringing the twine through the hole and hanging in all its glory.”

“Once dry hang your pinwheel wherever you’d like and Ta da! That’s it.”


DIY Festive Pinwheel By Darby & Joan 1

DIY Festive Pinwheel By Darby & Joan 3

DIY Festive Pinwheel By Darby & Joan 5


“You could use the pinwheel to spell out whatever you’d like and you don’t have to be limited to a Christmas theme.”

“You could use these for parties, as a backdrop for a fun photobooth.”

“Create giant ones for a wedding table plan or just use different colours and hang up all year round?”

“So there we have it, hope you’ve enjoyed this little DIY and are now feeling positively festive and ready to crack open the glitter.”


Thanks so much to Mirlah and Darby & Joan for sharing this fabulous Pinwheel DIY Tutorial and their exceptional creativity.

I especially love how the pinwheels can be adapted for other events. A wonderful addition to your Christmas look but also a very special and personal touch to your Wedding Day or other event as well.


Sending you lots of vintage love and sparkle this Christmas. xx


Image Credits: Mirlah Thornley


DIY Tutorial courtesy of Darby & Joan – http://www.darbyandjoanvintage.co.uk/  and Mirlah Thornley – http://www.bestdayeveruk.com/


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