Pantone colours for Weddings for the Spring and Summer 2014

Today it gives me great pleasure to share an insight into the beautiful Pantone Colours that will inspire and influence Weddings  next Spring.

The UK Academy of Wedding and Event planning have created a series of Moodboards to cover a rainbow of colour and from the subtle and delicate to the fiery hue there is a shade to compliment the Big Day of any couple.


Cayenne – Pantone 18-1651

This particular colour, Cayenne, has been described by Pantone as a high-pitched red, adding a dash of spicy heat to neutrals.

It is a very striking colour and can be used either as the main colour or as an accent colour.

I love the idea of pairing it with one of the other colours from this collection, Sand, as I can see how it would mute it slightly and make it appeal to a wider variety of brides.


Cayenne Mood Board


Violet – Pantone 16-3823

Described by Pantone as a romantic, vintage purple, evoking wistful nostalgia we can completely see the thought behind this colour. It is such a soft colour but is still stunning and when paired with something like silver, or even Pantone’s Paloma grey, it just pops.


Violet Tulip Mood Board


Placid Blue – Pantone 18-3949

Described by Pantone as a picture-perfect, tranquil and reassuring sky, inducing a sense of peaceful calmness. I know in the UK beach weddings aren’t the norm but to me this colour screams destination wedding by the ocean.

 Placid Blue Mood Board


Radiant Orchid – Pantone 18-3224

Radiant Orchid has been described by Pantone as a bold counterpart to Violet Tulip and I have to say it certainly is stunning.

I can see this used as a main accent colour and combined with silver for a really dazzling style of even grey for a more subdued style.


Radiant Orchid Mood Board


Hemlock – Pantone 15-6114

This colour is described by Pantone as a summery, ornamental green, providing a decorative touch that’s very different from the greens of recent seasons.

We agree and love this colour and would work so well with gold bringing the trend of vintage we are seeing at the moment to life.


Hemlock Mood Board


Dazzling Blue – Pantone 18-3949

It has been compared to the Facebook logo colour, but we see it as a strong colour that can be paired with many colours to make a gorgeous wedding palette.

It is certainly a regal colour and can be used as the main colour of any palette.


Dazzling Blue Mood Board


Sand – Pantone 15-1225

Pantone describe it as a lightly toasted and amiable neutral, conjuring images of the beach and the carefree days of summer I was in two minds about this colour, but we do need neutrals in a palette to even things out. It is understated and the perfect colour for those who want to keep things low key.

 Sand Mood Board


Celosia Orange – Pantone 17-1360

It has been described by Pantone as an optimistic, spontaneous hue.

For me this is the perfect colour to use to create an effect and a good pop of colour against a grey or silver background.


 Celosia Orange


Freesia – Pantone 14-0852

It was described by Pantone as a colour with good positive connotations conjuring up images of Spring.

To me Freesia just screamed the need to use sunflowers, not that we need an excuse to use them, and when paired with a rich brown the colour really does pop.


Freesia Mood Board



So its time to let your mind run riot and create your own personal Style file for your Big Day look, both in fashion and decor.

My personal Pantone  faves if I was not already wed would be Cayenne and Orchid which have really powerful undertones and would make a really beautiful statement look.

Which colour suits you?



Moodboard Credits: Created by the UK Academy of Wedding and Evening Planning


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