The Big Round Balloon Shoot – Carefree Days – Styled Shoot

Today I am excited to share a Big Round Balloon styled shoot brought together by Pamella Dunn Events.

The shoot was to showcase aspects of the Hire side of Pamela’s business but shows how well Balloons can be incorporated into a Big Day, and kids LOVE balloons big or small!


4. Outdoor fun with the 3ft balloons


Pamella chats a little About what she hoped to accomplish with the shoot,


“We were over the moon when Alison asked to share our styled balloon shoot with you, her loyal readers.”

“It was a bijou team of one stylist – moi, one very talented photographer – Amanda Wilcock of Cream Photography & a very gorgeous, very adorable model by the name of Alyssia.”

“I wanted to take full advantage of the sunshine, and the fabulous British countryside, whilst showcasing our props from the Hire Collection, our flowers and styling, but most importantly our Big Round Balloons.”

“My photography skills are limited – very, and to have the support of Amanda was amazing.”

“The location was key and one very helpful Andy Smith of Higgins and Brown bespoke tailors was our location scout.”

“The poppy field was perfect, lined with trees and a meandering lane it really was idyllic.”

“Then I was searching for a model, children love our huge balloons and we were so pleased with our beautiful little girl.”

“Alyssia is only five but she is a star in front of the camera, it was a really warm day and at no point did she complain or begin to tire.

“She was a true professional and she loved every moment, working her in diva to the max.”

“I can’t thank the team enough, I am blown away with the images I hope you are too.”


3. A field of dreams

3. Carefree days

3. England in the sunshine - what childhood dreams are made of

3. Great location & fabulous model for this styled shoot

3. Happy days caught on camera

3. Summertime fun - the  balloon shoot

3. Too cool for school

4. Big round yellow balloon with bespoke tassel

4. Lace ties on the 3ft round balloon 4. Outdoor fun with the 3ft balloons

8. Floral headdress made to order 8. Floral headress & bouquet in yellow

8. Our lemon floral heart featured in the balloon shoot here



Thanks to stylist Pamella for allowing me to share these stunning images and to photographer Amanda for her incredible talent  in capturing them.

Balloons can be a wonderful way to fill event space and have the added benefit of being a child pleaser and so lovely for use in capturing those special moments on the Big Day.

Balloons…what childhood dreams are made of….


Shoot Credits


Andy Smith Higgins And Brown Bespoke Tailoring –

Amanda Wilcock Cream Photography –

Pamella Dunn Events –

Models Dress – Primark

Models Red Shoes – Clarks




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    Absolutely gorgeous pictures, amazing balloons, photography, scene and model!!! Beautiful.

    1. Reply

      Thank you for your very kind words. It was my very great pleasure to share this fab teams work and the wee model is such a cutie xx

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