Urban Minimalist Wedding Inspiration with metallic & botanical aspects

Today I am thrilled to welcome Carmela Weddings to share some gorgeous Urban Minimalist Wedding Inspiration with metallic & botanical aspects.

Carmella Weddings are Lisa and Sam, a husband and wife force.

They believe no wedding should be just about the girl’s perspective and offer a fresh outtake by offering both male and female input on the wedding day.

They like Weddings and parties to look and feel amazing and they make that happen.

Its the 21st century and they find their couples are creating their own wedding traditions whether it’s in a warehouse, museum or art gallery; and they do it their own way.

With this is mind they have created an alternative wedding look for the Urban Minimalist Wedding for those that like a bit of edge to their celebration…


The Concept

Bridal inspiration board for an urban minimalist wedding in metallic tones of copper and steel with botanical green.


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The Inspiration

Minimalist and clean lines are a big trend right now.

The geometry trend looks set to continue and looks so modern and fresh paired with this look so we’ve taken the concept right the way through the wedding details to show you how you could get the same vibe.

When you add in the fresh botanical green colours, it softens the whole edgy look of the metallic, so that you can still get the romantic feel to your wedding without losing the rebelliousness that you’re looking for in an urban wedding.


The Venue

For this look, the kind of space that works is one that’s large and mostly a blank canvas.

It helps if it looks slightly worn rather than very perfect or pretty. A venue with industrial character with raw bricked walls will look perfect so a warehouse or more of a gritty open venue is perfect.

The Woodside Warehouse in Glasgow is a great spot for an urban minimalist look – it has stripped back flooring and white bricked walls giving a bare but fresh feel.

In the South, Brixton East has a great look with concrete flooring and bricked walls as well as a rustic beamed ceiling.

Both are City venues which works perfectly but any venue with a stripped back minimal look will work!


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Top row: www.robbinsphotographic.com/www.kat-hill.com/www.paulohara.com Bottom row: www.caraleonardphotography.com/www.jodiechapman.com/www.kat-hill.com


The Bridal Style

We’d suggest our Bride goes for a very City inspired playful look for this wedding with no rules.

She needs to look stylish but on-trend and fun. This bridal playsuit by Lakum would be perfect paired with some strapless heels and minimal jewellery.

Continue the copper theme by wearing light gold coloured jewellery such as an infinity bracelet by Tiffany.

Keep makeup fresh and light and follow this through with tousled relaxed hair rather than very structured updos.

Maids could have fun in metallic tones or even shades of white or light rose quartz to keep things informal and fresh.

The best way to show off your laid back look here would be with bridesmaids keeping to a colour palette but wearing what suits them rather than all dressed in the same outfit.

Flowers should be kept to mostly green and white with a hint of softer pale pink or golden shades.

I don’t want to leave out the Groom here because the Groom’s look is so important to the overall vibe of the wedding and men can go to town on a City inspired wedding day.

I’d suggest something fun but modern and up to date. We love this suit from Adam Waite in orange or brown.


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The Stationery

Stay true to the City feel by sticking to geometrics in your invites, giving guests a nod of what’s to come.

The added element of texture works well in these invitations and they still show a hint of luxury because of the intricate design.


stationery, carmela weddings, urban minimalist wedding
Top row: www.prettyweddingpaper.com/www.100layercaker.com Bottom row: www.siegridcain.com/www.ourlaboroflove.com/unknown



The Cake

Keeping it simple with a two tone cake incorporating the metallic with softer hints of green and pale pick with the beautiful flower arrangement springing from the top.

Keep it a little edgy with rough icing to bring out texture.

For an alternative, a dessert table rather than one cake would also look great because of the large areas in the room and can really make a feature in a warehouse space.

Play around with flavours to keep the fun element there.


wedding cake, carmela weddings, urban minimalist wedding
Top row: www.courtneyhorwoodlove.com/www.melissaoholendt.com/www.jannekestorm.com Bottom row: www.cavinelizabeth.com/www.etherealphotography.com.au



The Style Elements

The decor is where you can really make a difference in a wedding as modern as this.

Do something amazing with lighting and let that be your showstopper, whether it’s a huge edison bulb installation or geometric copper shades handing from the beams.

We recommend contrasting the bare space with geometric paper designs or frames to give the room a really contemporary styling.

Large letter lights would look fantastic with this décor – show your laid back, no rules style here.

For the tablescape, keep the lines clean but layer the table using metallic linens and gold cutlery, rose quartz glassware and toned down crisp crockery.

Greenery amongst the tablewear will bring the romantic contrast, keep flowers organic and wild rather than neat and dot candles amongst it all to soften further.

There are some fabulous candle holders that can be used with this look, our favourites are the hexagonal copper holders from Oliver Bonas and are large enough to use to highlight spaces or walkways.

Bring in metallic or gold chairs to complete the look.


decoration, carmela wedding, urban minimalist wedding , style elements
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We hope this has given you some inspiration on how you could style your own urban minmalist wedding look.

We love a warehouse wedding and are always thinking of new ideas and unique ways to use this kind of space.


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