A beautiful Book inspired Wedding in the Lake District at Fallbarrow Hall

Today I am delighted to share this beautiful book inspired Wedding in the Lake District at Fallbarrow Hall.

Images were captured by Lloyd-Clarke Photography.

Lloyd-Clarke Wedding Photography is the seamless team of Bethany Clarke & Matthew Lloyd.

Having both enjoyed successful careers as photojournalist covering news, features and portraits around the globe they are now based in Yorkshire and specialise in Documentary Wedding Photography.


I hand over to beautiful Bride Emma…


How did you meet?

Myself & Rob first met at secondary school.

We were friends but not close, mainly due to the fact that we both we too shy.

We later on in life found out we both had had a little crush on each other, and in fact, he borrowed a pen from me in English class and kept it for years as a keepsake, such a sweetie!

When secondary school ended our lives went in different directions so we didn’t see each other for about 3 years.

Then on 10th February 2012 I was out in town for a friend’s birthday and a mutual friend of ours told me that he saw Rob over by the bar.

So with a little bit of Dutch courage in me I went over to speak to him (and ended up kissing him! Luckily he kissed me back!) and it all started from there.

Tell us about the Proposal…

The proposal was perfect!

A few weeks after we started going out Rob took me away camping to Aysgarth Falls, and our favourite picture of the two of us was taken by the falls.

He picked me a flower, we walked along the falls in the sunshine, it was a perfect trip away and remains one of our most special and favourite places to go.

Fast forward 4 and a half years to 29th August 2016, we’d just bought a new car and Rob was dying to go for a ride out so we got up that morning and set out on a drive to nowhere in particular (or so I thought)

It was a beautifully sunny day and Rob had made a CD with all our favourite and special songs on to listen to while we drove.

We “ended up” near Aysgarth falls so he said why don’t we go for a walk so we did.

We sat in the same place as we did 4 and a half years ago, retook our favourite picture, did the same walk as we did back then, he picked me a flower, then we went down to a secluded part of the falls where I dangled my feet in the water.

Meanwhile Rob was behind me laying leaves and branches on the floor, he helped me up from the water, led me over the the leaves and branches on the floor, (I had no idea what was going on!) then he got down on one knee, opened a ring box and said, “Emma, will you marry me?”

I had the biggest smile on my face! I flung my arms around his neck and said yes (I don’t know how many times!)

He then put the most beautiful ring on my finger (first going for the wrong hand, bless him!) But to this day he still holds a grudge as I didn’t cry!

I remember walking back to the car later that day waving my hand with the ring on shouting “I’M ENGAGED!!” One of the happiest days of my life!

Tell us about your wedding planning journey…

The wedding planning started off as a bit of a nightmare to be honest.

We wanted to be married so much but knew if we just had a quick registry office wedding we’d regret it but we didn’t have the money at that moment in time for our dream wedding.

We never wanted anything big, we didn’t want anymore than 30 guests really, but even a wedding that small with the details we wanted was going to cost more than we had, so we began saving as much as we could.

My mum and Grandma, and Robs Uncle and Nanna and Grandad gave us some money as a wedding present early to help pay for the wedding which helped.

My dad wanted to buy my dress so that was one less thing to worry about but still, weddings are expensive.

We looked at hundreds of venues, and thought we found the one but we just didn’t want to spend £5,000-£7,000 on somewhere that we had a few hours to celebrate, we wanted more.

We kept looking, and the more we looked the further away our wedding seemed to be and it was heart breaking.

Then one day I woke up and spoke to Rob and we realised we were getting lost in the “how a wedding should be” and by doing this we were making ourselves miserable and pushing “our version” of a wedding away.

So the next week was spent looking for somewhere different.

I love Harry Potter (Rob does too, but not as much as me!) so we decided we wanted a “mini Hogwarts” where we could hire for a weekend, take close family and friends, and celebrate in a relaxed environment, and make as personal as possible.

Rob then sent me an email with the Website for Fallbarrow Hall on Lake Windermere. It was perfect! We fell in love with it straight away!

Within the next week (on the 22nd March 2018) we had called and booked it for 8th -10th June 2018.

Within the next 3 months we had booked everything from the venue, caterer, florist, photographer, hairdresser.

We bought the suits, the dress (and had it altered a hundred times) the shoes. I then had the task of making everything else.

The main thing I wanted from our wedding (apart from actually being married of course) was it to personal to me and Rob.

Fallbarrow Hall don’t usually allow weddings but allowed us an exception due to the size and style of our wedding.

Also because we couldn’t legally get married there our legal ceremony was just me, Rob and my mum and dad at the registry office in York in a sweet little room.

We then went for drinks and a meal and drinks at The Botanist in York. Then we went home, got changed into comfy clothes and went to the Everyman cinema to see Jurassic World, it was perfect!

Our actual wedding with the traditions and the dress then took place at  the  Fallbarrow Hall and we had whole building to ourselves for 3 days.

We had a full wedding ceremony on the Saturday 9th June 2018 in the grounds and because we had done the legal bit this meant we could have a blessing performed by one of our closest friends which meant so much to us.

What was the theme /colour palette of your Big Day?

The theme we wanted was books.

We’re not ones for big bright colours and just didn’t want what everyone else had.

So everything I made by my hand was from Harry Potter and Terry Pratchett books (our favourites) and the colours we used was Navy Blue (Terry Pratchett side) and Burgundy (Harry Potter side)

Any special touches/DIY?

Pretty much all the decorations including flowers (roses), table settings, bouquet, button holes, guest book, seating plan, bridesmaids & groomsmans gifts, father and mother of the brides gifts was all made by me and Rob, mainly out of the Harry Potter and Terry Pratchett books.

They took time and effort but we loved every minute of it! And it’s what made our wedding so personal.

Even the things we bought we had personalised such as one of the favours was a small tealight candle, we had our names and wedding date and a bee printed on them, same with the napkins, the cake knife and server, cake topper. We just wanted everything to be a reminder of our special day.

What was the best bit of your day?

It’s hard to pick 1 moment that was the best because I can honestly say the whole day was perfect! But some the of the best moments were:

1. Giggling with my dad when we were walking out of the door to meet Rob at the altr and my dress got caught on the chicken door stop, it was hilarious and summed up how our day was going to go, silly and exactly the way we wanted!

2. Hearing Rob read his own vows that he had written himself, they were beautiful.

3. Our first dance as Mr & Mrs. To the most beautiful acoustic version of All Along The Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix (our song) and just us being together in our own little bubble for a few moments to take it all in.

4. Having our pictures taken in Lake Windermere in my wedding dress with the groom and groomsmen holding my dress up, so much fun and such a fab pictures.

Is there anything you would do differently?

Stay longer! We didn’t want it to end. Everything was perfect, I’d just book it for longer so we could enjoy it for longer.

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

Don’t stress about what a wedding “should be” make it what you want it to be.

Make it personal to you, because that’s the things you and your guests remember.

Also, don’t concern yourself what other people think and want. It’s your day, not theirs. Don’t let them pressure you into anything or upset you.


Wedding Suppliers

Venue – Fallbarrow Hall – Lake Windermere

Photographer – Bethany Lloyd-Clarke Photography

Wedding Dress – Wed 2 B – Leeds (Dawn Dress)

Shoes – Irregular Choice

Alterations – Once upon a Dress – Escrick (taking dress in,shortening it, and then Naomi who works there made the entire top of my dress – off the shoulder section, long sleeves, buttons etc).

Bridesmaid Gowns – Varied online sources  – navy blue but different styles

Suit/Kilt Hire supplier –  Suit Direct in York with bow ties and braces from Moss Bros

Cake Maker – Store bought 3 separate tiers (bottom – chocolate, middle – Madeira sponge, top – fruit) then bought some pillars to stand them on, then decorated with personalised cake topper and some of my paper roses.

Florist – Free Spirit Flowers  (gypsophila bouquets for the Bridesmaids and decoration)

Rings – Taylors Jewelers – Gillygate York

Wedding Invitation – Knot 2B Missed – All other stationery – Bride

Hair stylist Kerry Snowden – Salon 16 in York


To Contact Lloyd-Clarke Photography

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Email: weddings@bethanyclarke.co.uk

Phone:  07793 072 964

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