A beautiful camper van inspired wedding in Worcestershire with splashes of green and pink

Today I am excited to share this beautiful camper van inspired wedding in Worcestershire with splashes of green and pink.

The fabulous Bride is the gorgeous of Flipside Bride and she made much of the glorious decor of the day including bouquets, wands and centrepieces.

Images of the day were captured by Haywood Jones Photography.

Bethan Jones is a Wedding and Potrait Photographer living in Sunny Shropshire.

Her style of Photography is relaxed, candid and unobtrusive reportage photography.


I hand over to Kerri to tell you the couples love story…

How did you meet? 

“It’s a strange how the world turns; for years Mark kept his horse just a few minutes away from my house, yet our paths never crossed.”

“Luckily for me, we met one day in the age old, traditional way – in a pub!”

“We got talking, and realised we must have been passing each other every day.”

Tell us about the Engagement?

“One Christmas Eve, I noticed a square shaped bulge in my Christmas stocking, hanging tantalisingly close over the fire.”

“Frustratingly, I didn’t get chance for a sneak peak. I wondered what might be that shape, and convinced myself that it was one of my favourite things in the world – a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.”

“Probably the popping candy one. Yay! I was genuinely excited  by that thought.”

“We staggered downstairs the next morning, still in our jimmy jams, with my mind still on that chocolate orange.”

“Mark told me to close my eyes and hold my hands out. “Yes! Terry’s Chocolate Orange for breakfast!! I thought to myself.”

“But the shape was wrong. It was too small. Do they make mini oranges? Chocolate satsumas perhaps??”

“I was truly shocked to open my eyes and see the beautiful engagement ring we had seen in Birmingham’s jewellery quarter, nearly a year before.”

“Mark delights in telling people how, instead of saying “Yes, I’ll marry you!”, I actually shrieked “It’s not a chocolate orange!!”

“I’m still waiting for that chocolatey goodness by the way.”

Tell us about your wedding planning journey

“The road to our wedding day was certainly a twisty one.”

“It started with me having a bad fall from my young horse, Bilberry.”

“It was totally my fault, and I ended up strapped to a spinal board. What followed was many months of rehabilitation, hours of Netflix, and a fair amount of Dairy Milk (yes,chocolate again.)”

“Events like that make you consider what you want from life.”

“Over a cheeky salted caramel martini in a thatched inn in Croyde bay, we decided we wanted a small human of our own. Before we got married.”

“And so the fun began. I knew I’d need IVF, so we badgered our doctor to refer us.”

“HE kept stressing I shouldn’t get pregnant until my back was fully healed, but he was willing to start the process, as it may take years.”

“We filled in reams of questions, and waited for our appointment to come through.”

“By some twist of fate, Molly beat the fertility doctors to it, and shocked us all by popping into existence naturally.”

“So, I was pregnant. With a dodgy back. Against doctors advice. Oh well!”

“To say she made her entrance into the world dramatically would be an understatement.”

“I don’t like talking about the details still, so lets just say I was left pretty traumatised.”

“In fact it took me a good 18 months to get over the birth and accompanying post-natal depression.”

“Poor Mark had dealt with so much, and supported me every step of the way.”

“If I were him, I would have taken me back to the shop and demanded a refund for faulty goods!”

“Our wedding day was our way of marking how we had survived.”

“How we had become stronger, happier and certainly healthier.”

“It was a way of thanking our nearest and dearest. It was a big, loud, colourful, joyful,  quirky expression of us.”

What inspired you to style your day the way you did?

“I’ve always loved the vintage vibe, so it was inevitable that my dress would have a 50’s feel.”

“Being oompahlumpah sized, I found it really difficult to find an off the rack dress that would fit.”

“So I went the bespoke route, which was absolutely the right choice for me.”

“The end result was a glorious silver tea length creation, with a hot pink underskirt.”

“My style was he perfect fit with Mark’s love of camper vans, so they featured heavily throughout the day.”

“We travelled to the reception in a dub, and they popped up in centre pieces and the table plan.”

How did you decide on the outfits for the wedding party?

“It was simple – Mark said there was no way he would wear hot pink!”

“So we opted for a complimentary green.”

“We were ahead of our time, as Pantone have just announced Greenery is their colour of 2017. Go us!”

“We carried the green through to the bridesmaids dresses too.”

“Initially I thought we would have to go bespoke in order to get matching dresses for a toddler, a 12 year old and 21+vat year old.”

“Luckily Lindy Bop had a sale on, which happened to include a green polka dot Audrey dress, in the right sizes.”

“I think we paid £35 for the lot and added white petticoats underneath to add to the vintage look.”

Who gave you away / walked you down the aisle? And did you walk down the aisle to a particular song?

“My Dad walked me down the aisle, to the beautiful sound of Kate Rusby singing Sun Grazers.”

“We love her music, and were over the moon when she sent us a good luck letter and signed photo.”

“Sun Grazers” Lyrics

Slow stargazing, light is blazing

this will be forever mine

Ever lasting, never casting doubt that I could shine


In a blaze of glory, hallelujah

In a blaze of glory, hallelujah

Rays of light they fill my quiet life

Rays of light they fill my quiet life

Slowly drifting, darkness shifting now

as you come in sight

Static burning, twisting and turning,

I’m lost to her this night


An epic yearning, the world is burning bold,

fingers are entwined

But the tide below us,

it would not slow us

now your hand is gone from mine

(chorus, then repeat chorus as Weller interleaves…)

“From time to time she will be waiting for me”

Talk to us about the Cake…

“I love baking, and I knew I was going to make my own cake.”

“It was a huge part of the day for me – I’m a bit of a feeder.”

“I attended a 2 day course at Blue Door Bakery, and created a truly glorious 3 tier cake.”

“I also made a standalone gluten free version as myself and many of the wedding party were Coeliacs.”

What was your first dance track and what did it mean to you?

“We actually had 2 first dance tracks.”

“Mark picked the first – Blur, “To The End”. Which seemed apt considering the things we’d been through.”

“We let Molly pick the second, and she chose her favourite song. Imagine the DJs delight when he announced that the next track had been picked by a toddler.”

“Everyone expected a nursery rhyme, so they were quite shocked when Frank Turner’s “I Still Believe” blasted out!”

“Molly exploded onto the dance floor, and was still rocking at midnight!”

What was the best bit of your day?

“We married in a beautiful 14th century church.”

“The Vicar was incredibly cool, and let us hang hot pink pom poms everywhere.”

“Our order of service reflected our personalities, and our readings were more risqué than religious.”

“Molly was not quite three, but she was a star.”

“She stayed with us throughout the service, and the vicar involved her every step of the way. It was uber cute.”

“There are so many moments we could pick out as amazing but I think my personal favourite, was after the ‘I Do’s’.”

“When the deed was done and the hymns sung – we danced back down the aisle to Elvis’s intro music! The congregation loved it!”

“The choir were rocking, and that little historic church was filled with joy.”

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

“Be yourself. Don’t get hung up on ‘the perfect wedding’.”

“Just be true to yourselves and have the kind of day that YOU want.”

“Everyone will be there to see you, they really won’t care if your table runners match the exact shade of ribbon on the invites!”

“If you don’t want a big fluffy white dress, don’t have one.”

“Have pizza if you want, or a BBQ. Just be yourselves, and everyone will enjoy the day more.”

Thank you so much to Kerri and Mark for sharing their colourful fun camper van inspired Wedding and Bethan for sharing her extraordinary photography.

Love the rich vibrant colours of the pom poms and the styling is perfection with the blend of camper van table stationery and beautifully creative paper flower centrepieces.

The bouquets, buttonholes and wand let the bride show off her creativity and showcase the amazing products that make her Business a success.

Touches such as temporary tattoos for the adults, thoughtful activity packs for the kids, and garden games make this a wonderful celebration with the focus on togetherness and fun.


Wedding Suppliers

Venue – Ceremony – St Leonard’s Church – Clent

Reception – The Abbey Hotel and Spa –  Redditch

Photographer – Haywood Jones Photography

Dress – Amanda Kim Bridal Designs (bespoke)

Glitter wedding shoes – Red or Dead London

Bridesmaid Gowns – Lindy Bop

Suit Hire – Peter Posh

Cake Maker  –  Bride (I made my own 3 tier cake on a 2 day course at Blue Door Bakery)

Florist – Bride – Flipside Bride

Rings – Mitchel & Co – Birmingham Jewellery Quarter

Stationery – made by Bride

Make up/Hair stylist – Sarah Russell


To Contact Haywood Jones Photography

Website: http://www.haywoodjonesphotography.co.uk/

Email: mail@haywoodjonesphotography.com

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