A beautiful colourful Reading Micro wedding and a celebration of hope, laughter and love

Today I am thrilled to share this beautiful colourful Reading Micro wedding and a celebration of hope, laughter and love.

It wasn’t the day they imagined but even it its stripped back, and simple form it is still wonderful in the meaningful moments the couple shared with family and friends.

.Images were captured by Berni Palumbo Photography at Reading Town Hall.


Berni is a creative and documentary wedding and portrait photographer based in Berkshire but covering, London, the UK, Italy and worldwide.


Stunning Bride Ginika says of the couple and their Reading Micro Wedding…


How did you meet?

We met online with Tindr, and it from there.

Honestly an entire essay would be needed to explain this in detail.

Tell us about the engagement…

My poor darling Attila  was probably a little pressurised him into marriage as I was irritated with playing wife, as we were living together.

The saying “why buy the cow when you are getting the milk for free” was on constant loop in my head.

Nevertheless, Attila all praise to him really thought deeply as to whether we were ready for the journey of marriage, and all its trials and victories.

He eventually proposed to me in a boutique Michelin star restaurant after dessert.

This was particularly memorable as early that day he had received his British Citizenship .Attila is Hungarian and I am British-Nigerian.

Did Covid changed your wedding plans?

Covid was devastating to epic proportions, and it it brings tears to my eyes as I say this…

Attila and I had planned to do a traditional marriage in Nigeria on a request from my father.

In fact, the request was non-negotiable and my father only gave his blessing after getting the assurance that Attila would fulfil a Traditional Igbo Marriage there..

This was scheduled for 15th April 2020 a few days after Easter, but the Pandemic came, and travel and our wedding was cancelled.

My father sadly passed away on 17th September 2020 too so Covid robbed me of my dream wedding along with my father.

What was the most memorable part of your day?

Everything was rearranged and we were married at Reading Town Hall in September.

Our day was colourful and I chose Bird of Paradise for my bouquet as its my favourite, and because it’s such an unique flower with a fantastic name.

For me the best part of the day was hearing Attila’s wedding vows.

I had said that we should write are own weddings vows and his was incredible.

I thought that my vows would be the show stopper but his vows were just next level, so much so I demanded he write them to me in a wedding card!

What advice they would give to couples getting married right now?

Personally based on my experience I would say perhaps wait till you can have the wedding of your dreams later when lockdown is completely lifted.

Having a registry wedding with a handful of people was never the wedding I imagined, and even though our wedding was still special I feel rather sad about that.

Wedding Suppliers

Photography: Berni Palumbo Photography

Venue: Reading Town Hall

Dress: ASOS

Jacket: Monclair

Florist: The Flower Shop

Make Up: Joyce Connor Make Up


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Website: https://bernipalumbo.com/

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