A beautiful Conwy Valley Wedding at Plas Maenan Country House, Wales – Images by Katt Dandy Photography

Today I am delighted to share the beautiful Conwy Valley Wedding of Sian and Jonathan at  Plas Maenan Country House, Wales.

Situated in the beautiful Conwy Valley in Snowdonia, Plas Maenan Country House is a highly individual guest house boasting five star accommodation with stunning views.

Images of the day were captured by Katt Dandy Photography.


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Katt Dandy is originally from North Wales, but now based in the vibrant City of Glasgow.

Photography is her passion – whether it’s capturing someone’s special wedding day; eternalising their memories or a walk down a country lane.

She approaches weddings the same way she approaches everything she does – with a fun, relaxed and respectable attitude.

Every wedding is different and she see’s each with a new set of eyes and excitement.


Katt shares her recollections of the couple and their day…


“I actually knew Jonathan a little while before I knew Sian.”

“I first met Jonathan at a mutual friends Halloween party and got talking.”

“It wasn’t until a good year or so later that I was introduced to Sian when they were both planning their wedding.”

“It was just lovely to be a part of their special day having knowing them so long.”

“The first thing I remember about the day is the weather: North Wales is not known for its glorious sunshine even in the summer months but we were so fortunate, there was barely a cloud in the sky the whole day.”

“One of the moments that still makes me smile when I look back is Sian’s reaction to Jonathan arriving.”

“We were getting ready in the main bedroom overlooking the courtyard where the car would pull up and the nervous excitement as she tried to peek out over the window without anyone noticing…It was all very emotional.”

“The whole day was very much set by this tone; relaxed, comfortable and so happy – it makes my job as a photographer a lot easier when everyone has ear-to-ear smiles!”


I had a wee chat to Bride Sian…


How did you meet?

“We met in a local bar, Fatcat in Llandudno on a night out and just got chatting by the bar, and it went from there.”


When did you get Engaged?

“We got engaged on holiday in October 2012 in Majorca, again in a bar!”


Tell us about your Wedding Planning Journey

“Our Wedding planning journey was a lot simpler (and cheaper) than I had expected.”

“We had similar ideas and tastes so agreed on everything. The only difficulty came when including others in our plans – at times we thought it would have been easier to elope!”

“We made our own invitations, my Auntie made the seating chart and got lots of small stuff in bulk from ebay.”

“We were married  on July 20th 2013 at Plas Maenan Country House in the Conwy Valley in Wales..”


What was the Best Bit of the day?

“For me the best part of the day was once I knew Jonathan had arrived – that was when I relaxed and started to get excited.”

“I also loved the part between reception and evening party, where everyone was just relaxing in the sun outside and I actually got to speak to people.”


What advice would you give to other couples?

“The only advice I would give is that it’s impossible to please everyone”

“Don’t worry about anyone but yourselves and if other people can’t understand that or try to make things difficult, then they shouldn’t even be at your wedding.”

“That sounds really harsh, but there will always be people who are jealous of your happiness, but on the day, all that will be forgotten!”



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Thank you so very much to Katt for sharing this beautiful Conwy Valley Wedding, with thanks also to Sian and Jonathon for sharing their recollections of their day.

Such elegant styling running throughout the day and a spectacular location to start the journey together as man and wife.


Wedding Suppliers

Venue: Plas Maenan Country House

Photographer: Katt Dandy Photography

Dress: Cariad Bride

Suits: Debenhams

Bridesmaid dress: Monsoon

Hair and Makeup: Phoenix Hair and Make Up

Chair covers: Rhian Hastings. (Celebration Chair Company)

Flowers: Mum’s friend Jo

Cake: Mum’s friend Steph

Harpist: Ieuan Jones


To Contact Katt Dandy Photography 

Website: http://kattdandy.com/

Email: info@kattdandy.co.uk

Phone: 07889918110

Blog: http://kattdandy.com/blog/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KattDandyPhotography

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kattdandyphoto


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