A beautiful Dumfries Wedding with blush pink details

Today I am thrilled to share this beautiful Dumfries Wedding with blush pink details.

Taye and Justin were married at the stunning Crichton Church before a lovely reception at Easterbrook Hall.

Images were captured by Tom Cairns Photography.

Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 45

Tom Cairns is a fine art portrait photographer, wedding photographer and corporate photographer based in Kilmarnock, Scotland.

His approach to photography is a refreshingly simple one: his style is honest and fun, celebrating life, love and family.


Tom shares his recollections of the couple and their Dumfries Wedding…

“Can’t tell you how stoked I was when Taye asked me to photograph her wedding.”

“I knew Taye and her family from a few years back but had lost contact with them, so it meant a lot to me that she wanted me to capture her and Justin’s special day.”

“As I always do, I went down to meet the couple months before the wedding.”

“The wedding itself was going to be in Dumfries which is in the South West of Scotland. Not knowing the area that well, I kinda needed to get the lay of the land….and what a place they chose.”

“The ceremony was held in the stunning Chrichton Church with the reception being held in the nearby Easterbrook Hall.”

“What a setting for a wedding, I was in photography heaven.”

“The grounds around the church made it easy for us to get some great shots and as ever, my midas touch made sure the rain stayed off long enough to do everything we wanted to.”

“From then on it was party time…with a brilliant mix of people, it couldn’t help being a fantastic day.”

“Such a beautiful young couple, it was an honour to be part of their day.”


I hand over to beautiful Bride Taye…

How did you meet?

“Dumfries isn’t a big town so we’ve known each other indirectly for a long time. The first time we properly met was at a festival at Inverness – Rockness (June 2012).”

“Justin was on his brother stag do and I was at the festival with a few of my friends.”

“We ended up joining groups and setting up camp together.”

“It was a great weekend with some fantastic memories but the best part was getting to know Justin…. And maybe some of the music too!”

Tell us about the Engagement?

“We got engaged on 2nd August 2014. Nothing flash but just lovely.”

“We previously shared a house with my sister but she was out for the day.”

“We were going to be meeting with Justin’s parents to celebrate their Golden Wedding anniversary… just as we were about to leave to head to the restaurant he got down on one knee in the front room!”

Tell us about your wedding planning journey

“First of all – I don’t know how people organised weddings without spreadsheets!!”

“My whole wedding was planned using excel. It helped us manage the budget, keep records of supplier details and research.”

“I have always loved the Crichton church, it’s so stunning! It had to be the Crichton.”

“We wanted somewhere local too so the Easterbrook hall and the Crichton were perfect for us.”

“My mum helped so much with the planning.”

“She literally made every single favour (homemade apple and brample gin with beautiful name cards attached), she made the cake (which was stunning), she came with me to every planning session, every dress fitting, bridesmaid dress fitting, makeup trials etc etc.”

“I could not have done this without the help of my mum. I just wish she could have been my bridesmaid too because she’s my best friend.”

What was the best bit of your day?

“For both of us – the best part was actually seeing each other in the church.”

“Our nerves immediately disintegrated and we just felt so overwhelmed with happiness.”

“We had a giggle during the ceremony as we lent in for a kiss a bit too early – well a lot too early!”

“The whole place erupted with laughter and that just set the nice, loving and light-hearted tone for the rest of the ceremony.”

“We also had a magician to entertain our guests whilst we were getting our photos taken.”

“We were able to make it back in time to catch our magician mingling with our guests and shocking them with some wonderful card tricks. He was absolutely brilliant!!”

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

“This is going to sound like such a cliché but… just enjoy it! Savour every minute as it goes by so quickly.”

“There is a European tradition (possibly German) where someone taps the side of their glass with a knife until the rest of the wedding party joins in.”

“At this point the Bride and Groom immediately stop what they are doing, find each other and have a kiss!”

“It’s a bit of fun but it also helps bring you back together for a few moments as you’ll spend most of the day/night mingling with family and friends.”

“Great excuse for lots of kisses with your new husband or wife too!”

“Try and have fun during the planning stages and use a spreadsheet to keep on top of everything.”

“Search pinterest for ideas, speak to other brides, read the blogs – don’t feel like you need to be completely unique. There are some fantastic ideas out there.”

Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 5Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 3 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 4 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 1 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 2Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 6 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 7 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 8 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 12 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 13 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 14 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 15 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 16 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 17 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 18 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 19 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 20 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 21 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 22 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 23 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 24 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 25 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 26 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 27 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 28 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 29 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 30 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 31 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 32 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 33 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 34 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 35 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 36 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 37 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 38 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 39 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 40 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 41 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 42 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 43 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 44 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 45 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 46 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 47 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 48Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 63 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 11 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 10 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 9Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 49 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 50 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 51 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 52 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 53 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 54 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 55 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 56 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 57 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 58 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 59 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 60 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 61 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 62 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 64 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 65 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 66 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 67 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 68 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 69 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 70 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 71 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 72 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 73 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 74 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 75 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 76 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 77 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 78 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 79 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 80 Dumfries-Wedding-Tom-Cairns-Photography-Easterbrook-Hall-Blush-Pink-Wedding-Details 81

Wedding Suppliers

Ceremony Venue: Crichton Church

Reception Venue: Easterbrook Hall

Dress – Designer/Retailer : Elegance Bridal – Glasgow. (they took a basic strapless, fishtale, satin dress and added some extra pieces to make it bespoke.)

Shoes – Benjamin Adams

Bridesmaid Gowns – Designer/Retailer : Capricorn Bridal – Carlisle

Suit/Kilt Hire: Andersons Kilts – Dumfries

Cake Maker: my Mum and her friend!

Florist: Flowers By Fiona – Moffat

Photographer: Tommy Cairns

Rings: Monaghans Jewellers – Dumfries

Stationery: Bregha Bespoke – Dumfries

Make up: Blusha (Laura Kerr), Dumfries

Hair stylist: Hair by Lisa (Lisa Whannel), Dumfries

Magician – Billy Reid Magic


To Contact Tommy Cairns Photography

Website: http://www.tomcairnsphotography.com/

Email: tom@tomcairnsphotography.com

Phone: 07775 896 680

Be Social: Facebook Twitter Instagram


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