A beautiful intimate Hebridean Wedding on the Isle of Harris with pretty burgundy detail

Today I am thrilled to share this beautiful intimate Hebridean Wedding on the Isle of Harris with pretty burgundy detail.

Images were captured by Lynne Kennedy Photography.

Lynne Kennedy specialises in photographing elopements and intimate weddings on the stunning Isle of Skye and surrounding Highlands and Islands, embracing the wild and epic landscapes of the Scottish Highlands.


Bride Nadin tells us the couples love story and about their gorgeous Hebridean wedding…


How did you meet?

We met at an event by chance – Mo was filming the event and I was in the audience.

We only exchanged a few words and then never heard from each other again for another 6 months.

Tell us about the Engagement…

Mo was quite adamant he didn’t ever want to get married.

I wasn’t too bothered about it, as I had already been married and I wasn’t keen on doing all this again any time soon.

Mo kept saying to his friends that he’s not the marrying type so I was totally surprised when he came back from a camping trip with his friend and got down on one knee and proposed with a shell that had a hole in it.

He found the shell on my favourite beach and he missed me, so he changed his mind about the whole marriage thing.

Because my parents live in Germany, we decided to keep our engagement a secret until we would next visit a few weeks later.

We had only told a few close friends, but once my parents knew, we weren’t sure how to “tell the world” about our engagement. So we decided to make a little film:

We both instantly knew where we would want to get married.

As we both are in love with the Isle of Harris, and one particular holiday home, we knew it had to be there.

As the holiday home is very popular as it’s so stunning, we only had 2 weeks to choose from the following year when it was still available for booking: a week in March and one in November.

We didn’t want to wait til November, so we booked it for the week in March.

As I was already married before, I didn’t want a big wedding again. I only wanted my closest family and best friends there.

So we decided to only have parents, siblings and partners and children and one best friend each there. We had 21 at our wedding and it was amazing and perfect.

Tell us about your Wedding planning journey…

As I am a wedding photographer in Edinburgh and I deal with weddings all the time, I thought I’d have an advantage.

To some extent this was true – I knew a lot, but I didn’t expect the amount of time required to make it all come together. I totally underestimated it and found myself very stressed weeks before the wedding.

Furthermore, as we got married on an island far away from home which at that time didn’t have proper internet and mobile phone coverage, it was hard to get in touch with some of the suppliers.

Here – on the mainland – we have gotten used to instant responses – evening and weekends included. The Outer Hebrides don’t work that way, which is also very charming.

As we had been to the island many times, we made friends who helped and recommended suppliers, such as a cake maker, an amazing chef, a florist, additional holiday homes for our family and friends to stay, a makeup artist, somewhere we could hire additional tables and chairs from as the holiday home only had dinner seating for 8.

Without our Hebridean friends, this would have been really difficult, as many of those suppliers didn’t have an internet presence.

A month or so before the wedding, I got totally stressed and as I didn’t have a flip chart, I glued A4 sheets of paper together, made a huge calendar with post it notes of different colours which indicated who had to do what and when.

This then gave me the idea of the wedding wall planner.

A friend of mine – a very talented designer – helped me design it and it’s now available for sale (with a 20% discount.)

We had a few last minute worries  2 weeks before our wedding the “Beast from the East” happened and added all sorts of other drama – would everyone be OK to travel to the UK and the island? But it was all ok in the end!

We also had our stresses the day before, people couldn’t get in touch with us and find the holiday home, my flowers weren’t on the ferry they were meant to be on which caused a worry and a last minute change of plans.

When I picked up the flowers, whilst beautiful they were little more formal than I expected, but with a little rearrangement from my sister in law we created a wild bohemian bouquet which was perfect.

Best bit of the day…

For me it was the ceremony, seeing Mo cry when I arrived. He didn’t know I’d wear a colourful dress.

We had chosen a blue and yellow wedding cake – our cake consisted of two lego bricks. But then I secretly messaged the cake designer to change the yellow one to burgundy red – the colour of my dress by Freja Designer Dressmaking.

I loved that our wedding really was a relaxed laidback affair too.

What advice would you give to couples getting married?

Do as much as you can as much in advance as possible.

Even if you think you’ve got months or weeks left – and you’d rather watch an episode on Netflix – do what you can way before the wedding.

There is so much to do, even with just a small wedding!

My glued-together A4 wedding planner kept us right in the end and all my couples now use it and absolutely love it.

Also, delegate things and make lists and tick things off. Good luck.

Wedding Suppliers

Holiday Home /  Venue – Oran Na Mara – Isle of Harris

Photography – Lynne Kennedy Photography

Wedding Dress – Mette Baillie – Freja Fashion

Groomswear – Own Kilt

Rings – Sheila Fleet

Cake – Dell.licious.Ness

Catering – Chef Chris – Flavour

Hair – The Cutting Room & Allure Beauty Therapy

Additional Guest Holiday Homes –  Fir Chlis and Harris Holiday 


To Contact Lynne Kennedy Photography

Website – https://lynnekennedy.co.uk/

Phone – 01599 544459

Email – info@lynnekennedy.co.uk

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