A beautiful intimate Yorkshire Wedding at the Fountains Hall and Abbey

Today I am delighted to share the beautiful intimate Yorkshire Wedding of Liz and Peter at the Fountains Hall and the historical ruins of the Abbey.

Sometimes its nice to share something love in its simplest form, still incredibly beautiful and significant but without show.

Sometimes we need to step back and see whats important to real people, real couples, and that overwhelming is always love.

Images were captured by Photography by Kathryn.

Kathryn says of the couples intimate Yorkshire Wedding…


Last August, I had the honour of being the wedding photographer at Fountains Abbey for a couple sealing their love in an intimate wedding – just for two.

This was a first for me. I have photographed many larger weddings and small weddings too but never a wedding where I was just one of seven people in attendance – the couple obviously, two witnesses (from the venue) and two registrars.

At the time it was just a lovely happy day, but now looking back It’s resonating with me now as to whether this might be the face of weddings to come – at least in the shorter term until larger gatherings can safely take place.

We are in unprecedented times – the industry in which I work as a Yorkshire wedding photographer, has literally been turned on its head. So how will we ever recover?

Businesses like mine, that have taken years to build and establish with a reliable reputation are going nowhere.

We will still be here when we are able to work at our full strength – when social gatherings are allowed and when those who work in the industry will be working their socks off to ensure all those postponed weddings are the best days they can possible be.


But until then, we may begin to see weddings such as Liz & Peter’s here, where love is all that matters. And those two people want to marry and that’s it.

Maybe a celebration will happen later, maybe not at all and just maybe, we photographers may have to adapt to this smaller, quieter way of doing things.

Let me tell you, this was one of the most meaningful days I have ever captured.

I hadn’t met Liz & Peter before and with so few people at the wedding, I knew I would be a little more in the spotlight than I normally am as a wedding photographer.

Gauging when to take a step away from the couple for their special moments whilst capturing their story at the same time took thought and consideration whilst doing my job as I always do. It was actually magical.

They had a select amount of flowers, certain special touches such as handmade wedding rings and Liz’s dress was so lovely – understated, elegant and with a contemporary style, whilst rocking her wedge heeled sandals.

An afternoon tea was served to them after we had a gentle stroll around the Herb Garden before we headed off to the Abbey itself to capture some portraits.



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