A beautiful relaxed and colourful floral inspired country wedding in Devon

Today I am thrilled to share this beautiful relaxed and colourful floral inspired country wedding at the Brides family home in sunny Devon.

Images were captured by Amber of Liberty Pearl Photography & Film.

country wedding

Amber of Liberty Pearl is a Wedding Photographer documenting love, joy & happiness in Devon and Cornwall and beyond.

She has have been a photographer for 17 years and a wedding and portrait photographer for 8 years.

She loves being creative, and after starting her career in music and event photography she found weddings and portraiture to be an exciting new challenge.

Her reportage style of photography is very natural, unobtrusive, and relaxed therefore capturing the special and spontaneous natural moments, to tell the perfect story and convey the happiness and ambience of the day.


Beautiful Bride Ella says of the couples planning and their stunning country wedding day…


Tell us a little about you…

We are Ella and Tom.

I work in an advertising agency and am a Yoga teacher.

Tom works for his family business ‘All seasons Marquees’ and owns retro bandb and glamping unit Bus N Breakfast too.

How did you meet?

We met 12 years ago through a mutual friend (Rob, who conducted the blessing!!)

We spent the following few years dating on and off. Tom spent a lot of time skiing in the alps over this period and I travelled in Australia and NZ and worked as a designer in Exeter.

We finally decided to make our relationship more official (5 years ago) and within a few months had decided to move to Melbourne.

Tom did lots of big romantic gestures and wooed my whole family and friendship group at that time!!

We LOVED Melbourne, cycling around the city and exploring Australia with big road trips and our tiny tent!

We got extremely into food, taking advantage of the multi cultural influences in the city, we are particularly big fans of Lebanese food!

Tom was a fireman and after a few years in Melbourne he got the opportunity to move to Canada to fight wildfire, a lifelong dream.

This was a really hard time for us as a couple, we spent two years living apart for big chunks of time and it put a lot of pressure on us.

I did my yoga teacher training during this period so although it was a challenging time for us as a couple, it was a really amazing period for us as individuals.

We also met for some of the best trips of our live! Whilst in Canada Tom converted a 1970s American school bus to live in, together we brought it back to England and Tom now runs it as a b and b!

Tell us about the Proposal…

It was during a trip to our bus in Lulworth Cove that we got engaged.

We were out walking our beloved dog Manuka when Tom dropped to one knee at the top of the cliff!!

This was in February and then we married just 6 months later in August.

Tell us about your wedding planning journey …

Our country wedding venue was my parents home in Devon.

Our motto for our wedding planning was to use friends and family wherever possible.

You spend a lot of money on a wedding and we wanted to put that back into our community of friends, many of who are running small businesses.

Our celebrant was our friend Rob!

We got married at a registry office beforehand for the legal bit, but on our official country wedding day and ceremony we wanted to be married by someone who knew us.

He did a brilliant job, and it was really personal.

We wrote our own vows, I wasn’t so keen to do this but Tom insisted!

I was nervous about writing them but in the end just asked myself what I was really vowing to after that the words came easily and I was really happy to say them.

It was so special to hear what really mattered about being married to each other.

We had three ceremony readings – An extract from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, a poem from the film ‘Like Crazy’ and ‘Rings’ by Carol Ann Duffy.

We knew the three people who we wanted to do readings so we tried to match appropriate readings to people!

I have always loved the extract from Like Crazy and Tom thought the Captain Corelli’s extract described our journey as a couple well.

We wrote our whole ceremony ourselves and so we wanted to add some pieces that added to the ceremony, Rings was perfect for that, it is a lovely introduction to exchanging wedding rings.

Talking about rings my wedding ring is a family heirloom from Tom’s side, it feels extra special to be continue its story.

Tom’s ring is made from Australian Maple tree, he was really keen to have a wooden ring and this one was made in Byron Bay, one of our favourite places!

I wore Jo Malone perfume, My good friend couldn’t make the wedding as she lives in Hong Kong and so we went on a Jo Malone experience together and she bought me my perfume to remember her on the day.

Flowers were really important for me, I love fresh flowers and wanted them to be the main focus in our marquee.

Maybe May got our ideas perfect!! We lived in Australia for 3 years and it is very, very dear to our hearts so we wanted to nod to this.

For entertainment in the evening we had 3 friends DJ – it was brilliant! Tom enjoyed sitting by the fire in the later part of the evening but I basically danced the whole evening!!

For our budget we were determined to stick under £10,000 as we were so lucky to have so many things and so much of peoples time gifted and lent to us from friends and family.

Any special touches/DIY?

I created our table settings myself and wrote the table names onto Living pattern postcards.

We kept with our theme of simplicity and opted against order or services, menus and order of the days.

Our main feature piece was a huge hoop that Tom and I created with the help of my family.

We covered it in foraged Eucalyptus and hung it from the centre of the marquee! Tom’s mum made some flags to put at the entrance way and we decorated the ‘aisle’ and alter with fresh flowers.

What was the theme /colour palette/inspiration of your Big Day?

For our country wedding we were guided by the beautiful valley surrounding us, we wanted minimal décor and wanted the day to feel fresh and natural and relaxed.

We wanted it to be about spending time with family and friends and to be a celebration.

We didn’t want to use our budget on lots of decorations and instead made sure everyone had plenty to eat and drink/

What was the best bit of your day?

I wish I could re-live it all again!! I loved it all but if I had to choose I think the speeches, or the canapé/mingling time!

Is there anything you would do differently?

I don’t think I would change anything!

There are a few people I wish I had chatted to a bit more but we had 160 day time guests so it felt impossible to get around everyone.

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

We have a few bits of advice.

Agree early on what is important to you, keep coming back to this and to the real reason for the wedding – I found this helped me stay down to earth!

Try to establish a vision of the day and stick to it, get clear about what you want between the two of you so that you can share with friends and family when asking for their help but don’t be swayed by what people tell you you “have to have at a wedding” – you don’t have to have anything!

Amber, our photographer gave us the tip of writing down the 3 things most important to you both and focusing your money and attention on them

– For example, Decorations didn’t feature on our list but flowers/foliage did, knowing this gave me more time and brain space to focus on the things that were important to us.

If we were unsure about something we asked ourselves if people would notice it on the day and if the answer was no then we skipped it!

Pick your battles, be firm when it is something that is really important to you but try to remember life past your wedding day and try to communicate with everyone involved to avoid crossed wires!


Take a look at the couples stunning country wedding film…



Wedding Vendors

Venue – Brides parents home

Photography & Videography – Liberty Pearl Photography & Film

Celebrant – Friend Rob

Wedding Dress – Rose Savage 

Wedding Shoes – Dune (rose gold sandals)

Wedding Accessories – Aunts bracelet and mums pearl earrings and my locket which is my pride and joy flipped to the ornate gold side as it looked a bit different and suited the dress better.

Bridesmaid Dresses – various sources

Flowergirl Dresses – M & S

Make Up  – Bride did own

Hair – Bride – Sophie Anderson /  Bridesmaids – Mel Jeffries & Harriet

Groomswear – Jacket from Racing Green / Trousers – Crew Clothing

Grooms and Groomsmen accessories – Grooms mum made bowties

Florist  and Headpiece – Maybe May

Stationery – Wolf & Rosie

Cake – Brides sister – Kitty Howard

Catering – Coppice and Canvas

Rings – Bride – Grooms family heirloom / Grooms ring – From Australia

Entertainment/DJ – Friends


To Contact Liberty Pearl Photography & Film

Website – https://libertypearlphotography.com/

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