A beautiful same sex London Wedding at Stationers Hall

Today I am delighted to share this beautiful same sex London Wedding at Stationers Hall.

Images were captured by Claire Tam-Im Photography.

Clare Tam-Im is a Hertfordshire wedding photographer travelling across the UK to photograph awesome weddings.

Her style is all about getting honest, natural and fun photographs throughout the day.


She says of the couple and their day…


“I met the couple through a mutual friend recommending me to them. I met up with them to find out more about their wedding day and talk more about what I do as a photographer.”

“My style is all about capturing honest, natural and fun moments, and that’s exactly what Ella and Sophia wanted.”


“Their Wedding was a day full of smiles and laughter.”

“Ella and Sophia constantly have smiles on their faces and even during their wedding ceremony, they were laughing.”

“It’s just such a joy to be around them! Their day was all about bringing the people they love the most together to celebrate the two of them getting married.”

“At the reception, there was no formalities like a seating plan. They had their family and friends sit where they wanted so they can mingle.”

“I loved that they brought their personalities into the wedding, particularly the bouquet toss which was with a rugby ball instead of a bouquet. Amazing.”


I hand over t Bride, Sophia…


How did you meet?

“We found love in an old man pub.”

“We’re both rugby players and had played each other a few times over the years, but never actually spoke to each other.”

“In June 2012 we both went on tour, coincidentally to the same tournament (Dendermonde).”

“I distinctly remember seeing Ella and thinking two things. Firstly ‘I really want to talk to you’, swiftly followed by ‘I’m way too much of a mess to do that.”

“Ella remembers a St.Bernard costume (not Sophia).

“Fast forward three months to online dating where we were both intrigued by the rugby playing.”

“We chatted a lot and ended up agreeing to meet for a beer.”

“We met up at the Royal Oak in Borough. Ella walked down the street and Sophia thought ‘it’s her!’.”

“The rest, as they is history.”

Tell us about the Engagement…

” had been planning it for months with no clear idea of when to do it.”

“At some point, we decided to go on holiday to Tuscany, and if it didn’t happen sooner, i knew i would do it on the first morning with breakfast in bed.”

“As it turned out, we went for dinner on our first night and i drank a whole bottle of wine.”

“When we got back to the villa, I knew it was time to do it.”

“I got the ring and we sat out by the pool. Eventually I plucked up the courage and asked Ella to marry me.”

“Ella spent an eternity (probably 5 mins in reality) asking ‘really? Are you sure? Really? Are you serious?’, before I got the confirmation that yes, Ella would quite like to marry me.”

Tell us about your wedding planning journey  

“We decided pretty quickly that we wanted our wedding to be in London.”

“90% of the guests would be coming from there and it’s the city we both love and have spent most of our lives in.”

“We looked around a few venues but when we found Stationer’s Hall, it was perfect. Showy but humble and full of history.”

“Ella loves that it is the origin of copyrighting (she’s a Librarian), and I loved the colours.”

“From there everything kind of fell in to place relatively easily.”

“The venue were really helpful and absolutely brilliant.”

“We spent 18 months planning, but took it pretty easy. We did pretty much everything ourselves, which was fun, including the playlist – we ended up getting a puppy (Panda the bear coat Shar Pei) instead of a DJ, but that was perfect.”

What was the theme /colour palette of your Big Day?

“Bright red (Ella’s favourite colour) and Turquoise (my favourite colour). They worked surprisingly well together!”

What was the best bit of your day? 

“Aside from the getting married? Ella calling me ‘Poopadopoulos’, our friend reading the Owl and the Pussy Cat during the ceremony (I barely held it together), how amazing Ella looked, my brother humiliating me during his speech, the 30 strong line out instead of a bouquet toss, the West Side Story moment, the laughs… the list goes on.”

“We had so much fun during our day! It really was the best day of our lives.”

“There’s not really anything we would change! Spending a few quiet moments together every now and then was great too.”

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

“Do what YOU want to do. It’s your day and there are people who will want to put their stamp on it, but it’s yours.”

“Enjoy it, and take a moment to look around you and realise just how much love there is in the room.”

Thank you so much to Clare for sharing this lovely same sex London wedding.

I think what this day shows is it the power of families coming together, its celebrating what love is all about, and doesn’t need lots of show to be incredibly special.

Love particularly the rugby ball toss instead of a bouquet, fun and so unique…


Wedding Suppliers  

Venue – Ceremony and Reception – Stationer’s Hall

Photographer – Clare Tam Im

Dress – John Lewis

Bridesmaid Gowns – Everyone got their own outfits

Cake Maker – Sian Rabi-Laleh (friend)

Florist – Carol Kay (Sophia’s brother’s mother in law)

Rings – Made by John C Kendall (Ella’s dad)

Stationery – Sophia designed them and  Moo.com printed them

Make up/Hair stylist – Marcella Collins (friend)


To Contact Clare Tam-Im Photography

Website – https://www.claretamim.co.uk/

Email – info@claretamim.co.uk

Phone – Phone: 01923 218692 / Mobile: 07525 920139

Be Social –  Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest  Instagram


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