A beautiful Shropshire Wedding with pretty blue and rustic detailing

Today I am thrilled to share a beautiful Shropshire Wedding with pretty  blue and rustic detailing.

Images were captured by The Dignums.

shropshire wedding - autumnal wedding - rustic wedding

The Dignums are a husband/husband team of two fun and friendly wedding photographers, based in Wolverhampton.

They shoot all over the Midlands, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, and beyond.

Their work is colourful, expressive, moment driven, and a little bit different.

If you want two guys photographing your wedding day who feel like a couple of mates, chatting to your guests, and busting some moves on the dance floor, all the while taking amazing photos that show the awesome couple that you two are, and what an amazing wedding day you had, then there’s a strong chance they’re the right wedding photographers for you!


They say of the couple and their day…

We met Kate five years ago at an outdoor boot camp fitness class!

We bonded over the horrific experience of doing burpees, squats, and press-ups in all weathers.

But the great thing about our boot camp group is that it’s very social – we meet up outside the park to undo all our good fitness work by going to the pub!

Kate’s got a very similar irreverent outlook on life to our own, and we’ve become firm friends.

Kate and Ollie’s wedding day at Hundred House will stay in our memories forever.

Obviously it was great to be shooting a wedding with so many of our mutual friends present.

I (Toby) work part-time as a registrar, and because it was friends getting married I applied to have special permission to conduct their ceremony!

It meant I could write a special personalised script for the Kate and Ollie.

There was lots of laughter, and maybe just a few tears, too.

The rest of the day was fun, relaxed, and bathed in sunshine.

After dark we took Kate and Ollie outside for some dramatic portrait pictures, before returning to the hall to dance the night away!


Beautiful Bride Kate shares her love story


How did you meet?

The usual love story – girl’s car breaks down, girl hires car, girl can’t work out if its good customer service or flirting, girl and boy falls in love.

I had lost fifth gear in my car, and needed to drive to Southampton so thought I’d use the services of a well-known American hire car company.

I had a lovely chat with a very handsome man behind the desk, and we worked out we were having similar weekends (both watching T20 cricket…I don’t think I’d ever done that before, or have ever done that since).

I returned the car, he dropped me home, and that – I thought sadly – was the end of that.

Then followed a ‘just checking if all was well with the customer service?’ email … and there began an almost year long conversation.

Lets skip the slightly rubbish bits where I asked him out, and he said no, and then I moved away to Bristol.

After a year of conversation, the world’s longest pre date warm up ever, we finally went out and I knew I had met the man I wanted to be with.

Cheesy but true.

Tell us about the Proposal…

We had gone on a weekend away to Brighton, and had a gorgeous room in the Grand Hotel overlooking the seafront.

We had a lovely bottle of champagne, and whilst stood on the balcony Ollie dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him.

All very smooth and stylish, no?

What I hadn’t realised was that he had informed the hotel he was planning on asking me, and so every friendly customer service interaction he was terrified someone was about to drop a clanger.

He had also put the ring inside his wallet, and popped to the bathroom whilst we queued to check in, giving me the wallet in case I needed it to pay for the room with.

Luckily no one blew the surprise, and Ollie managed to depart the bathroom at high speed before I could accidentally discover the ring.

The whole day was so lovely and exciting, I forgot to eat dinner, but didn’t forget to drink champagne, so I started engaged life with a ‘slight headache’, and my lovely breakfast in bed went very much uneaten.

Poor Ollie probably wondered if it was too late to change his mind.

Tell us about your wedding planning journey…

Let me be the first to say – I am not Bridezilla.

I have not always dreamed of my wedding day. I hadn’t picked out my dream dress in my mind. (stick with me, it does get better).

I genuinely found the prospect of lots of people turning up to a place to look at me very uncomfortable and high pressured – which is even stranger when you consider that I am a teacher, and that’s basically my life.

Five times a day, people turn up to a room to look at me (and maybe learn something too).

But I quite enjoyed buying a few wedding magazines and giving it some initial thought.

Wedding plans got put on hold a few months later, as Ollie and I became pregnant with our lovely little boy Freddie.

I didn’t fancy being pregnant on my wedding day, and then motherhood hit me hard, so it took us a long time to return to wedding planning. Nearly three years.

But we decided to do it, and we decided to move quite quickly, so gave ourselves around 8 months to put everything into place.

We looked round a few venues, looking for something barn like, intimate, rustic, places to stay nearby, within budget, and available in October.

it optimistic? We thought we had perhaps been, until we spotted the Hundred House Hotel online, and I knew it would be the one.

We loved it from the first look round, and it was the first place I got excited about and could genuinely imagine us getting married in. See, I told you it did get better!

Any special touches/DIY?

We were really lucky with our choice of venue, as they provided plenty of the decoration that was in keeping with the rustic barn theme, but also gave us the opportunity to add in anything that we wanted.

I bought jars with candles in for each table, and these are now dotted around our home, and flexed my amateur calligraphy muscles by handwriting the place cards.

I found it quite therapeutic and helped me feel like I was doing something productive on my evenings that would help the wedding ‘happen’.

What was the best bit of your day?

The best bit of our day was genuinely the vows.

We were so lucky that our friend Toby was able to be our registrar, and he and his husband Phil also took our photographs, so it really was a relaxed, friendly, ‘family’ day.

Toby made our wedding service so personal, the balance between lighthearted and sincere was perfect, and just really caught the mood of the day.

As two busy working parents, you can sometimes get caught up in the day to day, rushing past each other on the way out the door, ‘have you taken the bins out?’ … but it was amazing to have that moment to look at each other and think ‘oh wow, yes, I do really love you’.

All of this was captured by the talented Dignum duo and the photos are something that we really do cherish.

Is there anything you would do differently?

Not really! Our wedding was completely us, it was fairly stripped back and simple, but we had good outfits, good friends, good food, plenty of drink and dancing, and amazingly good weather!

I would have maybe worried less in the run up, and remembered that it wasn’t supposed to be stressful, a wedding was a nice thing – and it really was!!!

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

Don’t do anything because you think you should.

I didn’t have bridesmaids, which raised a few eyebrows when I mentioned it in the run up, but I was struggling to make decisions, and in the end I decided I wouldn’t have any.

Whilst they can look lovely on photos, your photos will look lovely anyway!

When I think back on the weddings I have enjoyed the most, it’s the ones which have been happy and fun, and not the ones that have had the best centrepieces on the table.

Its your day, do it your way.



Wedding Suppliers

Venue – Hundred House Hotel – Shropshire

Photographer – The Dignums

Wedding Dress – Stella York at La Couture Bridal Boutique – Blakedown

Suit – Moss Bros

Cake Maker – Cakes by Karen – Worcester

Florist – Beautiful Flowers by KB – Worcester

Hair stylist – The Hive Salon

Make Up – Zoe Louise Makeup


To Contact The Dignums

Website – https://thedignums.com/

Email – philandtoby@thedignums.com

Be Social – Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / Instagram


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